How Do I Integrate My App With My Traditional Marketing Channels?

This blog post is part 6 of our “How Do I Integrate My App Into My Marketing Ecosystem?” series. Read part 5 here.

Your-app-plus-traditional-marketingPeople have been predicting the end of outbound marketing for years and years. But outbound marketing has limped on in a valiant effort to defy its naysayers. 

Ironically, apps have both contributed to traditional media’s demise (by competing for time share) and also helped it survive (by making it more engaging).

If you’re still using traditional marketing channels to promote your business, here’s how you can ensure they work hand-in-hand with your app.


Tip #1: Create a TV commercial showing your app in action

On average, consumers spend about four hours a day watching TV. During this time, they’re more likely to have their smartphones with them versus their laptops. If you have the budget, use this rich multimedia opportunity to show-off your app in action. Short TV spots combine the power of video, music, sound, and animations to tell a compelling story about how your app will improve people’s lives.

Check out’s commercial here and pay special attention to how they end their ad with a call-to-action to download their app from app stores.


Tip #2: Use your app to revive your print publications 

One of the biggest drawbacks of print media is that it isn’t interactive. Your app can help turn your magazines, brochures, direct mail, etc., into engaging channels. Try creating an app feature that adds a layer of interaction to your print collateral to give it an added richness. Your app can make the experience of people flipping through pages of static content more exciting.

This is precisely what Ikea did with its catalogue app, which acts as mobile companion to its print publication. When consumed together, the app reveals hidden content in the magazine.


Tip #3: Use your app to add valuable functionality to your print ads 

Good advertising tells people how products and services can improve their lives. Great advertising demonstrates a brand’s promise. Unfortunately, one-dimensional print ads are limited in their ability to do this on their own so, pair them with your app to give them a practical (as well as promotional) purpose. Print ads that are connected with apps will help marry real world usefulness with smartphone robustness. 

Take a look at the brilliant way Nivea linked a detachable part of its print ad with its app to help parents keep track of their children playing on the beach. This “Protection Ad” won the Mobile Grand Prix at Cannes in 2014.


Big Takeaway: Apps can make traditional marketing channels more interesting and engaging

Traditional media’s decline can partially be blamed on its propensity to be interruptive, boring, and bland. Nevertheless, when done right, television commercials and print collateral can still be effective at marketing your business.

Apps can significantly enhance the quality of your outbound marketing by making it more interesting and engaging. Think creatively outside (the television) box and make your printed materials come to life with the power of apps.

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