How Macy's Uses Their Mobile App to Create Powerful Customer Experiences

Read Time: 5 - 10 min

When you think of Macy’s, odds are you think of a beloved, sprawling department store that knows how to throw a good parade. But do you also think of them as e-commerce? Macy’s want you to, and has been hard at work on their mobile app to bring the department store to wherever you are with a few swipes of your fingers.

At our ENGAGE conference last month, we heard from Kirill Epshteyn, VP of Marketing Platforms at Macy’s (one of Localytics' great customers!) to learn all about their quest to provide customers with a world-class omni-channel retail experience and mobile’s big role in accomplishing this. Here’s what he had to say:


Some of his main talking points include:

  • The importance of differentiating your mobile app strategy from the rest of your digital assets
  • How the evolving mobile landscape continually impacts experience expectations of mobile and the need to adapt quickly to keep up
  • Personalization opportunities mobile grants you and ways to capitalize on them
  • How Macy’s app plays an integral, data-driven role in their omni-channel customer experience
  • Examples of mobile campaigns and a/b testing Macy’s has tried as part of their ‘test and learn’ strategy

Despite being one of the oldest department stores still in business today, Macy’s is proving they’re just as tech savvy as new-age retailers as they continue to point their compasses towards the digital landscape, and more importantly mobile which will set them up for continued, longterm success.

How are you preparing your retail brand for the mobile takeover?

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