How to Avoid the App Churn Risk Window [Infographic]

The speed-dating phenomenon has made its way into mobile. People love to download and try new apps; the challenge is getting them to commit and come back. 

Savvy app marketers know that they must make a great first impression and then act quickly to convince users to return to their app, before they’re gone for good. In fact, there is a 60% chance that users who don’t come back to your app within seven days will never return.

That’s why app marketing is especially crucial during the app churn risk window

The app churn risk window is the period of time in which your new app users are most likely to abandon your app. Put another way, this is the time interval between a user’s first and second session with your app. As more time passes, the churn risk window increases. So, how do you get people to re-engage with your app and avoid the app churn risk window? Check out the below infographic for some data-backed marketing lessons that can help you turn one-shot users into loyal ones.


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