APPY HOUR: How to Find The Perfect Dating App This Valentine’s Day

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It’s that time of year again. Grocery stores are fully stocked with heart shaped chocolates and red rose bouquets, love is in the air. Why is it that single people in our favourite movies and tv shows always look miserable in the lead up to Valentine's Day? In real life, this does not have to be the case. Valentine’s Day can be an exciting time in the world of digital dating. One click could lead you to the love of your life.

Digital dating is booming. Research conducted by Liftoff found that the online dating business was a worth a staggering $2.2 billion last year, with over 50 million Americans using dating apps. Push notifications often make or break a user’s app experience, this is especially true in the context of dating apps.

With new dating apps launching all the time, finding the right app for you can be tricky.

To help with this pressing issue, our in-house dating experts have spent months researching and testing the world’s most popular dating apps to help you find “the one” this February. If you’re single and ready to online-mingle, we’ll help you find the perfect dating app for you!

The One that Will Make You Laugh


bumble blurr.png


Having a good sense of humor is one of the most important human qualities. Research shows that humor is extremely important in forming long-lasting relationships between individuals. We believe the same principles apply to the relationship between an app and its user.

Bumble and Hinge score major likeability points by effectively using humor to engage users, which is sure to get people returning to the apps time after time. If these push notifications from Bumble and Hinge make you giggle, they could be your mobile matchmakers this February.

The One that Loves Movies

movies 1.png bagel taken.png 

If you’re the type of person that loves the opportunity to quote a line from one of your favourite movies, Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) might be your match made in heaven. CMB regularly makes references to popular movies such as Taken(2008), and Goodwill Hunting(1997). We applaud CMB for their creativity and excellent taste in movies. Exciting new rich push capabilities for iOS users  have the potential to make messages like this even stronger by adding pictures, GIFs, and videos.


The Creative One

bumble creative.png

Sometimes emoji’s speak louder than words, especially when it comes to push notifications. We live in a world where there’s  a colorful symbol for almost every emotion, food, animal, activity and country. Do you like to let emoji’s do the talking for you? If so, Bumble is sure to brighten up your day with emoji-filledpush notifications that will inspire you to be an active user.

The Ambitious One

ambitious hinge.png

Hinge is definitely the Real MVP when it comes to generating better matches for its users over time. The Hinge Team knows exactly how to please their users and get them returning to the app on a regular basis.

This great push notification informs their users that the app has made changes in an effort to create a better experience for the user. If you’re passionate about self improvement and want a dating app that will work hard behind the scenes to create a better user experience, then Hinge could be the one for you.

The Romantic One

happn romantic.png

On a cold Sunday evening in London, I was asked out on a date. Not a real date… more like a virtual date. I received this push message from Happn, a popular location-based dating app that took the perfect opportunity to message me as I returned from a day out exploring the city with friends.

This optimally timed push notification struck me as a romantic gesture and gave me the perfect excuse to bundle up with a warm beverage while I discovered what the app, and its users, had to offer. Netflix and chill is so 2016….. This year is all about hot chocolate and Happn.

The Social One

hinge social.png

Hinge invites users to participate in “happy hour” based on a surge of activity in their location.

These clever push notifications encourage user engagement through a good use of emoji’s combined with an intriguing message. Human behaviour is greatly influenced by the actions of others. If all of your friends are going to a certain concert or festival, odds are that you’ll want to join them. Hinge capitalizes on this by notifying users when the amount of users has increased in a certain area. If you’re a fan of happy hour, grab a glass of wine and see what Hinge has to offer.

The Thoughtful One

thoughtful.png  thoughtful2.png

Take a moment to think of the personality traits that matter most in a partner or significant other.

You might find that being thoughtful ranks pretty high onmost people’s lists. If you’re looking for a thoughtful app, you’re in for a treat courtesy of Bumble and Hinge.

The holidays are a great time to send push notifications to users as they tend to have more down time and may be looking for an escape from family bonding.

Hinge sent users a very clever Thanksgiving themed message with excellent use of emoji’s. Bumble also made a great effort to connect with their users on a human level, by reminding them how valuable they are.

If you’re single this Valentine’s Day, don’t roll your eyes at happy couples or drown your tears in alcohol. Get to the app store and take control of your own destiny. The digital dating market is booming and there’s never been more ways to meet your perfect match. Do you have a favourite dating app? Are there any apps you’d like us to try? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tweet @Localytics to talk to our team.


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