How to Write a Push Notification: 8 Formulas to Get You Started

push-notification-formulasNot sure what push notifications you should be sending your mobile app users to get them to re-engage? If you're a developer who wants to grow your app, or a marketer just getting started with mobile marketing, it can be hard to know what exactly will engage your users.

They key is to avoid sending all of your users the same broadcast push notifications. Only 15% of users convert after clicking on a broadcast message. Not to mention, the other 85% will probably find your push notification annoying. But 54% of users convert after clicking on a segmented push message tailored to the users’ interests.

To help you craft perfectly personalized push notifications, here are eight ideas for ways to segment your audience and send them targetted notifications -- just fill in the "blanks" where the [BRACKETS] are. For more ideas and to see exactly how to segment your audience, check out the workbook Formulas for Personalized Push Notifications.

Note: Your app is unique, so even if none of the examples apply directly to you, you can still get some inspiration.

1. The birthday gift notification

If you have your users enter their birthday when they create an account with your app, send them a message during their birthday month with a special offer, like a discount or freebie.


2. The cart reminder notification

If a user has added an item to their shopping cart online (e.g., on their laptop) but haven’t checked out, send them a nudge on their mobile device. You can offer a discount with an end date to motivate the user to purchase and provide a sense of urgency.

[PRODUCT NAME] is now [PERCENTAGE] off. But hurry, this sale ends soon!

3. The event invitation notification

Have a sale or event happening at one of your brick-and-mortar stores? Invite users who live nearby to take part.

We're opening a new [STORE NAME] near you! Come get [PERCENTAGE] off on [DATE].

4. The performer is coming to town notification

If people are able to “favorite” performers or sports team in your app, or if you can tell by which screens in your app they’ve visited, let them know when their favorites are coming to town.

[PERFORMER/TEAM] is heading to [CITY] on [DATE]. Get your tickets now!

5. The local recommendation notification

If your app asks users to favorite things, such as food categories, film genres, recreational activities, etc., you can recommend local haunts that cater to these interests. For example, if you had an app for finding and reviewing restaurants, you might ask users what their favorite food is.

In the mood for [FAVORITE]? You might like [VENUE] near you. Check it out!

6. The ask-for-a-review notification

If you know a user has visited someplace in-person -- they bought a ticket, filled out a rating card or survey, made reservations, etc. -- send them a notification asking them to leave a review. 

BONUS option: if they click through, link them over to a site like TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc. so they can leave a review on an unbiased third party app.

Thanks for visiting [VENUE]. Please let us know what you thought!

7. The trial expiration notification

Are your users running out of time on a free trial? If your product has a 30-day trial period, send a daily notification to everyone who started a trial 29 days ago letting them know their free trial is about to expire.

Yikes, your free trial of [APP NAME] is about to expire! Swipe here to keep access.

8. The BREAKING local news notification 

Users care about what’s happening around them, so send an alert for a big news story in their city.