[Infographic] Media & Entertainment Apps: A World of Engagement

Using Localytics data, plus the combined industry knowledge and the creative chops of our friends at AppLift, we have put together our newest infographic “Media & Entertainment Apps: A World of Engagement.” Our goal was to do a deep dive into the usage and engagement trends across News, Entertainment, Social Media, and Music apps, to better understand how things have changed since 2014 (hint: across the board users have increased time in app!) and see what time of day makes the most sense for engaging users with push messaging. 

The information shows, unequivocally, that engagement trends have all gone up since 2014. In fact, every category has increased; people are spending 14% more time in News apps, 22% more time in Entertainments apps and a whopping 79% more time in Music apps. While Social Media leads the way with average monthly launches, News and Music are not far behind. It’s not a surprise that people are spending more time on their phones and with that comes more time in all the apps they value most. Knowing how and when to engage with your users and what they might be doing at the very moment they’re using your app, leads to interesting and personalized engagement.

Check out the infographic to dig a bit deeper in to all the data we found, and see what it can do for you from an engagement perspective!


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