Introducing Automated Scheduling: Powerful Marketing Automation for Apps

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Over the past seven years, apps have matured from fledgling startups to multi-billion dollar businesses. Alongside this evolution, app marketing has matured in its own right. Successful apps have user acquisition down to a science, and the focus for most marketers has shifted towards nurturing long-term customer relationships.

As marketers begin to think about nurture rather than pure promotion, automation should be top of mind. Nurture campaigns work by targeting users with the right content at the right time in their user journey, to prompt an action that will deepen their engagement with your app. This means that one-off campaigns won’t work - you need the ability to automatically trigger messages to users based on what they’ve done, or haven’t yet done, in your app.

Localytics is excited to release Automated Scheduling, a significant enhancement to our automation capabilities that enables you to create great app nurture campaigns using push messaging.


What is Automated Scheduling?


Previously, Localytics customers could send automated campaigns that sent to newly qualified users on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In this release, we’ve added four new controls:

  1. Allow multiple messages per device - Users who remain in the campaign’s target audience, or requalify into the target audience at a later date, can receive the campaign in future sends.

  2. Limit the number of messages in a time period - Ensure that users don’t get spammed with the same message by limiting the number of messages in a time period of your choosing.

  3. Limit the total number of messages from a campaign - Specify how many times your campaign should reach users if they continue to stay qualified.

  4. Define a minimum interval between messages - Ensure that messages are a specific number of days apart, so users don’t receive back to back messages.

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Why Automated Campaigns Are Critical

Localytics already has world-class targeting, enabling you to send messages to users based on actions they did or didn’t do in the app, as well as profile information from outside the app. We built Automated Scheduling to enable you to put highly targeted, personalized campaigns on autopilot.

There are key points in every app where users might need an extra nudge - to complete registration, finally buy those items in their shopping cart, log a workout, or purchase a subscription. If you’re not reaching these users, you're missing conversion opportunities. How then, can you reach every user who passes through these funnels?

With Automated Scheduling, you can set up a campaign to automatically reach users at every key point. For example, an ecommerce app can set up an automated campaign to send a push to every user who added an item to their shopping cart, but didn’t check out. They can schedule the campaign to send daily, but not more than once a week per user. When a user checks out, they will no longer receive the campaign. If the user adds another item to their cart, they qualify for the campaign again.

You only need to setup one campaign to reach every qualified user, safeguard against spam, and improve conversion in your app.

Achieving Personalization at Scale

Personalized messages have double the click rates and triple the conversion rates of broadcast messages. With all the data that you’re collecting about your users, it’s possible to create ultra-personalized campaigns with very granular targeting. But the more granular your user segmentation, the more campaigns are required.

Automated Scheduling enables you to scale your personalized marketing strategy. The more campaigns you can put on autopilot, the more bandwidth you have to intelligently segment your user, and create new campaigns to ensure that each audience gets a personalized message. Automation is laying the groundwork for true personalization.

Measure, Iterate, and Optimize

Many marketers refer to their automated campaigns as “set and forget.” At Localytics, we advise “set, but don’t forget.” With long-standing nurture campaigns that may reach some users more than once, it’s even more imperative to keep a close eye on performance, test new messaging, and optimize over time.

We recommend A/B testing new creatives in your nurture campaigns using custom campaign setup. You can track clicks and conversions each time your campaign sends, and see which creative wins. As you continue to improve your nurture campaigns over time, you’ll see the benefits in user engagement and retention.

How Can I Get Started?

Automated Scheduling is now available in the Localytics Dashboard for Push Messaging. To get started, go to Messaging, create a new push campaign, and select “Automated” in the scheduling page of the Campaign Builder. You will then be able to customize the frequency and number of sends for your push campaigns. 

We will be launching automated scheduling for in-app messaging and email marketing in the coming weeks. Follow @My_Localytics on Twitter for the latest news, and subscribe to the product blog.

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