Introducing Localytics Support for Apple Watch

After much anticipation, the lauded Apple Watch has finally arrived and we are excited to tell you that Localytics is the first integrated app analytics and marketing platform to provide analytics support for the watch with our Apple Watch SDK.

As a Localytics customer today, you are leveraging robust, real-time analytics to help understand how your users behave at each and every juncture within the app. This allows you  to consistently engage your users with highly targeted messages that underscore a seamless and enjoyable app experience.

With the advent of Apple Watch, app marketers need to be more timely and relevant than ever before. Watch app users demand rich, engaging, and personalized content.

We’re pleased to offer a solution that helps our customers understand user behavior and adoption during the early stages of the of Apple Watch. With this solution, customers can use event-based analytics reporting through the Localytics API to inform the  interactive push messages they send to Apple Watch users.

Using Analytics to understand Apple Watch user behavior:

As companies begin to launch apps on the Apple Watch, it’s vital that app marketers monitor user behavior and the types of interactions that take place on the watch so that they can adjust their strategies to delight their users.

App marketers will need answers to the questions below:

  1. Is the Apple Watch impacting user patterns and user behavior?

  2. Is the Apple Watch having any effect on my app usage patterns overall?

  3. Is user behavior on the Watch fundamentally different to behavior on the companion iPhone app?

Using Events in the Localytics Dashboard, Localytics customers can monitor Apple Watch user interactions. Localytics customers can also tag custom dimensions, location, profile attributes and identifiers for the Apple Watch. The minimal time it takes to tag these events will have an enormous impact when it comes calling your Watch app a success or a failure.


By leveraging event-based reporting from the Watch, a fitness app can understand whether customers are using their Apple Watches to start and stop their runs. Similarly a retailer can determine whether or not Apple Watch users are buying or simply browsing. Using Localytics, app marketers can determine Watch behavioral patterns and uncover the most relevant time to serve Watch content to the user.

Using the Apple Watch SDK from Localytics, customers can also begin to establish behavioral trends and patterns when it comes to omni-channel user engagement. As Localytics is committed to powering app marketing everywhere, the Apple Watch SDK provides an opportunity for app marketers to understand how content resonates with their users outside of the conventional content that is served to mobile devices. 

It’s just one more way Localytics assures marketers that only the right content is reaching the right user at the right time.

How can I reach my Apple Watch app users?

Not only can Localytics customers begin to track trends and user patterns when it comes to the Watch, by using the Apple Watch SDK, Localytics customers can also reach their Apple Watch users with targeted messages by leveraging our Push API. This enables you to provide a seamless experience across apps and devices.

Using the Push API, you can customize the Apple Watch user interface as dictated by the needs of your app. When it comes to ‘Long Look’ notifications for example, Localytics customers can rename action buttons and set app-specific actions.

For example, a media and entertainment app could let Apple Watch users know that their favorite show is about to air in an hour or is now available to watch on the companion iPad or iPhone app.

These buttons connect to ID’s in the app’s code, which means a media and entertainment app could set buttons like “Add to Watchlist” or create another button using a different ID and name it to describe another app-specific action, such as  “Remind me later” or “Dismiss.” The ability to tailor these buttons offers you, the app marketer, a measure of control and an opportunity to investigate whether your notifications are moving the needle on user engagement.

For the information about how to leverage interactive push notifications via the Localytics Push API, please visit our Push API documentation. Click through to learn more about the Apple Watch integration or to download the SDK

We are excited to begin our support for the Apple Watch with this release. As Apple Watch apps become more prevalent and best practices for engaging with Watch users emerge, Localytics will be on hand to pass these updates onto its customer base. To keep up to date with these, be sure to register to learn more.


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