Introducing Our New Localytics Blog

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Notice anything different around here? It’s a big day for the Content Team over at Localytics. Thanks to tireless efforts from our design team (Trey & Sean!), our dream of a kickass blog is a reality. And we’re pretty proud of the results.

So why and how did we do it?

The Why

Every now and then, it’s time to reinvent yourself. Our old blog was good to us. While imperfect, it has served us well, helping us spread the word on how to do mobile the right way. However, we’ve got some big plans for the future and frankly, the current layout just couldn’t support them.

Here’s where we needed to optimize from a design perspective:

    • Navigation: Our search functionality wasn’t great. Essentially, you could search for a keyword or phrase and any blog ever created with the term would populate. It was not based on most recent content, and did not populate results on a separate page for ease of browsing.
    • Tagging: Another big challenge we faced was topic tagging. We had ~80 topics, many of which were nearly duplicates (e.g. Best Practices & Mobile Best Practices). Because there was no real organization for topic tagging, it was basically a free for all, and serving up relevant content to readers was nearly impossible. Plus? It made discoverability a nightmare which impacted not only the user experience, but our SEO.
    • Overall UX: Our sites user experience needed to be a lot better. Due to the right rail on the blog, a lot of scrolling was necessary to read the article. HTML grab buttons and the search bar didn’t follow users for easy sharing or navigation. The CTAs and related articles lived at the bottom of the page, meaning you lost people who didn’t go below the fold. Our mobile rendering was ok, not great. I could go on and on, but you get the point.
    • Of course, KPIs: What Content Marketer isn’t constantly trying to improve KPIs? Pageviews, sessions, time on page, bounce rate, SEO, and lead and blog capture were the big ones for us.
    • Combination of Product & Thought Leadership Blog: Before, our product and content blog were hosted on two separate domains. Since the content blog gets 25x more traffic than the product blog, the vast majority of our audience was missing out on our great product announcements. And that’s a bummer, because our team has been working hard on some pretty sweet enhancements [insert shameless plugs for Places and Uninstall Tracking here].

The How

First things first, we kicked it off with several blog redesign meetings. These were brainstorming sessions where we got into a room and debated the key elements of a great blog. We walked through examples of websites, blogs and publications we love and exactly what about them appealed to us.  Then, we put on our Demand Gen lense to figure out how to improve KPIs.

As a Content Marketer, my number one priority is creating compelling content that resonates with our audience. But as a member of the Demand Generation team, it’s also important to generate new leads for Localytics. And while the former feeds naturally into the latter, there are design considerations that make it easier for your audience to consume and share your content.

Engagement was a huge priority for us. We recently evolved our content strategy to better connect with our audience, mobile marketers. Since we are in fact, mobile marketers, we took a step back and thought about our interests. In addition to best practices, what else do we care about when it comes to mobile? Industry news was a big one, as well as fostering a discussion about the future of mobile.

Last but not least? We decided to have a little more fun with our content. We are marketers after all, not brain surgeons. So we decided to show our personality and launch two new monthly series:

  •  “Appy Hour”, which showcases cool apps from various industries you need to know about (like apps that help you adult better)
  • 5 @ 5”: Where we draw the curtain back on Localytics and introduce you to all the great people who work here today and what drives them



The What

Here’s what we focused on for the redesign:

  • Navigation: The new search nav now populates results on a separate page, and allows you to sort by relevance or date. In addition, our 4 content categories are now featured in the top rail of the blog, making it easy to sort by topic.
  • Tagging: We did a complete overhaul on our topic/tagging strategy, and narrowed it down to 4 main content categories (as mentioned above): Best Practices, Mobiles News & Trends, Product, Culture. In addition, we have a few subcategories for further organization. These are the only topics we will have moving forward in an effort to keep the blog well organized and optimize our rankings in SERPs.
  • Overall UX: Hopefully, the updates to our UX are pretty straightforward. We’ve done a complete overhaul of the layout. Our latest blog post is featured in the hero image, we’ve added better search functionality, read times to posts, and made it easier to comment and share. Since we are a mobile company, we also focused on how to optimize the mobile rendering of the blog. 
  • Of course, KPIs: While the results of our efforts are TBD in terms of KPIs, we’ll be keeping a close eye on results and will do a follow-up post in 90 days or so.

It wouldn’t be right for me to post this without giving two major shoutouts to the guys who made this possible. Our incredible Director of Design Trey, and rockstar Front End Developer Sean. Sean had to add a ton of custom functionality in order to make it look and feel the way we wanted in HubSpot. Sean and Trey only agreed to have their photo featured if we took a selfie, so here it is:




Now for the big reveal...

Here’s a screenshot of our “before" blog:



Here’s the "after": 



Check out the real thing here.

We want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on the new blog?