Introducing the App Marketing Institute: Grow Your App


In the web world, marketers have been blogging for years about best practices and the different colored SEO hats, and it's made a significant difference in the effectiveness of our web marketing campaigns.

But mobile is different. Mobile is new. For many, it can be an uncharted sea of options. What works in my app? What doesn't? What should I be measuring, and what are the best practices? It’s been hard to find a reliable resource for all things app marketing and analytics. We were sick of it. That's why we built the App Marketing Institute.

“What is it?”

The App Marketing Institute (AMI) is an education center for app developers and marketers of all levels to learn about app marketing and analytics. It teaches you how to track the metrics that matter and create targeted marketing campaigns that increase your app user engagement, loyalty & revenue. Ultimately, it teaches you how to use your app to make users happy. 

“When can I take lessons?”

You’re on your own time at the AMI. There’s no syllabus here. It could be a place you keep bookmarked for referencing in the future, or you could take a more systematic, lesson-by-lesson approach. Pick it up or drop it at any time. Bookmark relevant lessons and ignore the ones you already know (but, be on the lookout for new ones as mobile becomes more complex and our best practices evolve).

4 Reasons the AMI Will Help You Grow Your App

1. It’s for App Marketers of Any Level

Big fish in a small pond. Small fish in a big pond. Those sayings are out the window here. With the AMI, you swim in a pond that’s just the right size for you.

  • Just getting started in app marketing? Perfect. The beginner lessons are right up your alley. Dive right in!

  • Spent your fair share crafting and executing push and in-app campaigns? No problem! Beef up the basics in the intermediate section.

  • If you really are a big fish in a big pond, then the advanced section is the place for you.

2. You’re Learning from the Experts

We’re not ones to brag, but let’s be honest. This isn’t our first rodeo. We work with over 5,000 customers to provide analytics and help determine what kind of marketing will get their users to pay attention. That means we’ve seen it all. Still not convinced? Read more about our background and why we created the AMI.

3. You Ask a Question. We Answer.

We understand that not every single question you have will be answered through the AMI. That’s why we give you the opportunity to ask us anything. Someone from our AMI team will get back to you in two shakes of a lamb’s tail (that’s Localytics speak for “quick”). And who knows, your question could be a content driver for our next lesson.



4. It’s Not a Boring College Lecture

Don’t let the term “Institute” fool you. We get it. New user acquisition channels and monthly cohorts may not be the topic of your weekend conversations. We can’t guarantee it’ll be gym class with the parachute, but we remember that 8:00 am Stats class about Applied Regression and Probabilities just as well as you do. Would you believe us if we told you SpongeBob and Stewie Griffin make app marketing cameos?



You have the potential to build your app into something huge. Becoming that fearless competitor in the App Store takes time. The App Marketing Institute is to be there help you along this journey. It’s there to answer your questions, teach you best practices and help you solve your most complex problems. Because the truth is, we want to be a resource in helping to grow your app.

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