Introducing the Localytics App Launches Index

A new index to measure app user engagement trends.

Here at Localytics, the leading app marketing and analytics provider, we’ve just launched the Localytics App Launches Index. In addition to the Localytics App Stickiness Index that is released every quarter, the Localytics App Launches Index in another useful tool for marketers to examine aggregate mobile trends.



The indexes provide analysis on over 28,000 apps from January 2012 and can be found at


Localytics App Launches Index

The App Launches Index measures the number of times an app was launched each month. By analyzing the number of times an individual app is launched each month, marketers can gain a deeper insight into app trends. App launches are measured at both the aggregate level and by vertical to better understand user behavior patterns and how these are changing over time.


Localytics App Stickiness Index

We’ve also updated the App Stickiness Index for Q3 2014. The App Stickiness Index measures the "stickiness" quality of apps by analyzing Power Users (people who spend 10+ sessions in the app in a month) and Loyal Users (people who are still retained in the app 3 months later). With these two metrics, marketers can gauge the "stickiness" level of apps. This index is also measured at both the aggregate and vertical level.

These indexes are updated every quarter so be sure to visit

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