True Impact 2.0 is in Beta!

Read Time: 5 - 10 min

It’s been just over a year since we introduced True Impact, our revolutionary campaign reporting tool that goes beyond vanity metrics to show you how your Localytics marketing campaigns drive changes in important business metrics like engagement, revenue, and conversions. Today, we’re excited to announce that True Impact 2.0 has entered beta! We've taken everything great about the original and made it even better. The best part is that all Localytics customers have access to the beta starting right now.



What’s New?

Over the past year, we’ve talked to marketers at dozens of industry-leading apps to understand what they liked about True Impact and how we could make it even better. Based on the feedback, True Impact 2.0 features the following changes:

  1. A completely overhauled look and feel
  2. The addition of over a dozen new metrics to give you more details on your campaign’s performance
  3. We’ve introduced the concept of adverse effects from your campaign. The fact is, a campaign can result in negative backlash and with adverse effects, you can see things like the number of users who disable push notifications or uninstall your app after receiving a campaign (requires uninstall tracking)
  4. We’ve also added intelligence to True Impact so that it customizes the information shown, based on the goal of your campaign



A Fresh Look & Feel

The most obvious change is the entirely new layout. The goal of this new layout is to surface your most important campaign metrics first, so that with a quick glance, you can tell how your campaign is performing. Then you can dive into the details.
True Impact Iso V5.pngAt the top of the page, you’ll see a hero metric, which is a key KPI that’s determined based on the goal you set for your campaign. For example, if you set the goal for your campaign as “monetize” then the hero metric would show you the revenue generated by your campaign.

Under the hero metric is a row of basic campaign information. Here you can see the goal and conversion event you have set for the campaign, along with the audience that received this message, when the message was sent, and the status of the campaign (has it been sent, is it an active recurring campaign, is it scheduled to be sent, etc.).

Just below the campaign information is the navigation bar, which unlocks all the new metrics in True Impact 2.0. You can see summary stats and trends in the Overview section, dive deeper into the data with the Insights section, or if you’re running a multivariate test, you can compare creatives using the A/B Test section.


Knowledge is Power

Once you’ve used the Overview screen to get a sense of top level metrics like sends and opens, you can dive into the details using the Insights section.
TI Insights Card-1.png
This section consists of five separate sub-pages, each of which shows different metrics that focus on a specific type of user behavior:

  • Engagement - Shows you a variety of detailed metrics on how customers used your app after receiving the campaign. Metrics include the number of sessions users had in the days after they received the campaign and the average session length.
  • Conversion - If you’ve set a conversion event for your campaign (which is a specific action you want users to take after they receive the campaign - such as viewing a product or making a flight reservation), this is where you see details like the conversion rate and how many times users repeated the conversion event.
  • Retention - See how often campaign recipients re-opened your app in the days after receiving your campaign.
  • Revenue - If you’re tracking revenue in your app, this is where you can see metrics like revenue per user and total revenue generated from the campaign.
  • Adverse - This page shows you the unintended side effects of your campaign. This includes things like how many users disabled push notifications or uninstalled your app after receiving the campaign?



Prove the Value of Your Marketing Efforts

TI Revenue.pngAs marketers, we are constantly asked to justify ourselves. That’s why we’ve carried over the concept of “influence” from the original True Impact. Influence shows you exactly how users who received a campaign behave differently from those who didn’t. This is possible thanks to the use of a control group, which is a small portion of the target audience that doesn’t receive the campaign. With a control group, you know exactly how your campaign drove changes in user behavior, meaning you can walk into the CEO’s office with the hard facts you need to defend your work.


See The Unintended Side Effects of Your Campaigns

True Impact Adverse Card.pngWe developed True Impact to give marketers the complete picture of how users reacted to receiving a campaign. We’ve expanded on this with True Impact 2.0 by allowing you to see the adverse effects of your campaigns. Specifically, we show you how many users disable push notifications or uninstall your app after receiving a campaign (in order to see the uninstall metric you must have uninstall tracking). These metrics are a great way to understand if you’re over-messaging users, accidentally sending them irrelevant content, or if the tone of your messages is turning users off.


Easy to Read A/B Testing Results

AB Test Results Card-1.pngThe feedback we received made it clear that everyone appreciated being able to do a side-by-side comparison to evaluate the results of an A/B/n test. We responded to this request by reworking the way that we show A/B test results. Now you can see the campaign's overall performance, along with the performance for each creative and the control group, all in one place.



Added Intelligence

If you recall, we launched Goals back in September, which allows you to define the objective of your campaign. With the introduction of True Impact 2.0, we are starting to take advantage of Goals. Right now, we are customizing the information True Impact surfaces in the hero metric. Over the coming months, we will be adding additional capabilities, such as benchmarking against industry averages.


Check It Out Today!

True Impact 2.0 is currently live for all Localytics customers. To try it out, simply go to the Messaging page in the Dashboard and view the performance page of a push, in-app, inbox, or Places campaign that was sent out after July 14th (note: we will be adding support for transactional push campaigns in the near future). At the top of the Performance page, you will see a blue banner where you can switch over to the True Impact 2.0 experience. For the duration of the beta, you can switch back and forth between the old report and new report, so be sure to check it out and let us know what you think.