iOS 5 Already Powering 1 in 3 Eligible Devices

The latest and greatest Apple mobile operating system, iOS 5, has been available to the public for less than a week, and yet it’s already been downloaded enough to power 33% of all eligible iOS devices. If you remove the newly-launched iPhone 4S (which ships with iOS 5), that number drops a tiny bit, but still remains an impressive 31%.

Looking at devices, we see that the iPad 2 and iPhone 4are leading the charge, with 36% and 35% iOS 5, respectively. Original iPads clock in with 33% iOS 5 proliferation, followed by iPhone 3GS (27%), iPod Touch 3rd Generation (23%), and iPod Touch 4th Generation (17%).


In order to determine this, Localytics analyzed all iOS device usage from iOS 5’s October 12th release date through October 17th.

Developers who haven’t updated their apps for iOS 5 should be submitting their new builds soon. With changes like Apple’s new iOS data storage rules, iCloud and Twitter implementation, and more, the speed at which users are updating should be reflected in the speed at which app developers are pushing their new versions. We’ve noted in the past how quickly iOS users adopt a new version of the operating system, but also that a chunk of users will hold on to the previous version long enough to necessitate solid backwards compatibility.

It’s also important to note that Localytics mobile app analytics is fully compatible with iOS 5, as well as being fully backwards-compatible.