Leveraging NPS to Drive Revenue - Whiteboard Wednesday

Today's Whiteboard Wednesday discusses how marketers can leverage Net Promoter Score within app messaging to drive better app store reviews, and ultimately more revenue.



Welcome to another Whiteboard Wednesday session here at Localytics. My name is Bernd Leger and I'm the VP of Marketing. What I'd like to talk about today is how you can use the net promoter score, which I'm sure many of you have heard of, to drive higher revenue and ultimately help your app be more successful.


Smarter Spending

We all know that as marketers we're spending a fair number of dollars on advertising in apps to ultimately drive downloads and get more people engaged with the app. While ad dollars are important, we're competing with eight hundred thousand other apps. Another way we can drive engagement is by looking at the organic side, ideally driving a higher app rating. We know that if our app generates a five start rating versus a four star rating, the likelihood of more people being exposed and engaged with that app is very, very high.


Reviewing Net Promotor Score (NPS)

Let's talk about how the net promotor score can help us achieve that higher app rating. Net promoter score helps review satisfaction or loyalty within a user base; it could be a simple question such as, "how would you rate your most recent app experience," or, "how likely are you to recommend this app to a friend of yours?". In this context, you have a survey ranging from zero to ten, with your detractors from zero to five, your promoters -which are your most adamant fans- from nine to ten, and everyone in the middle as passive users.


Applying NPS Within An In-App Messaging Campaign

So the question remains, "how do you focus on encouraging those people that are most adamant, who can give you a higher rating, while nurturing those who may not yet give you a good rating?". When we present this survey in the app, they're engaged and we can ask how they would you rate their most recent experience. Obviously, we won't send the detractors over to the app store, and instead, we'll open up another screen saying,"thanks so much for your feedback, can you please give us a little bit more detail on your app experience?".

The promoters, on the other hand, we know are very adamant and passionate about your app, so they will be sent directly to the app store with a question about rating the app on the spot. The likelihood of them giving you a five star rating is extremely high at this point.



This simple example shows how you can use a conventional vehicle like NPS to directly drive engagement, activity, and satisfaction in the ,mobile app space, reflected in an app store rating. This will ultimately lead to more revenue from valuable users.

With that, thank you for joining us again, and we look forward to seeing you very soon for another whiteboard Wednesday. Thank you.

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