Localytics Analytics for Roku: providing richer app experiences on every screen


'Cord cutting’ has accelerated in the past twelve months, with viewership of traditional TV dropping nearly 4% at the end of 2014 as online video streaming jumped 60%. That is why today, Localytics is proud to announce that it will support analytics for Roku.

Media consumers in 2015 won’t settle for less than a personalized experience when it comes to finding something good to watch on TV. Apps like Hulu and Netflix lead us all to expect instantaneous access to ultra-personalized content. App users expect to watch the next episode of Mad Men at the tap of a button and for most, channel surfing simply won’t cut the mustard.  

The main contributors to this age of on-demand streaming are set-top boxes (STB), like Roku, and media streaming sticks, such as Chromecast. Ten percent of U.S. broadband households purchased one of these streaming options in the first three quarters of 2014 alone, equaling sales from all of 2013.

Localytics Analytics for Roku will help you gain new insight into how your app users interact with your apps on Roku players. With this SDK, it is now possible to monitor user behavior inside your Roku apps and further enhance the app experience across devices, all from the Localytics Dashboard.

How will omni-channel analytics help me as an app marketer?

At Localytics, we are fortunate to work with many leading-edge media and entertainment companies who continue to deliver rich content to their users through apps across a variety of platforms. We often hear that some of the main challenges these organizations face is recognizing changing customer preferences as customers move across multiple apps, devices and channels at warp speed.

The key to retaining your users and driving app ROI hinges on discovering a user’s personal preferences and serving a personalized and seamless app experience to that user across all of their devices.

With the release of Localytics analytics for Roku, you now have an opportunity to personalize the user’s app experience across both the Roku and mobile platforms.

You will also be able to apply Roku user information to your targeting efforts in the Localytics Dashboard. This user profile information that was previously only applicable to the Roku user environment is now ready to be used to provide a seamless app experience across web, mobile and Roku.

A) Continue to engage your users as they move between devices

You can then leverage this behavior data to send a push message to the user's mobile device, updating them on key moments in the game or the final score. For example, if a hockey fan tunes into a game at home but is interrupted to run some errands, a sports app could use Localytics Analytics for Roku to understand the time they began watching as well as the time they decided to stop.

Continuing the game experience and serving targeted information helps maintain your user’s relationship with your brand.oreline.

B) Cross-promote content to your users across devices

You can also use Localytics Analytics for Roku to cross-promote content that your app users may be interested in.

For example, as a media app you could target app users of a certain demographic who have also accessed your Roku app in the past with information about a new show they may be interested to watch.   


Without a reliable omni-channel analytics solution like Localytics this will be beyond the reach of many app marketers today.

What do I get with Localytics analytics for Roku?

Once Localytics customers install the Roku SDK, a rich flow of Roku-related analytics data will be available in the Localytics Dashboard. This will happen without the need for additional development or integration work.

Are you trying to understand what worked in season 1 or what didn’t work so well in season 2?

As a TV producer you can use Localytics Analytics for Roku to understand what is working when it comes to creating engaging content for your users. For app marketers this means revealing cross platform browsing patterns for users on Roku, which allows you to suggest similar shows or other content on the same channel.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to view your data under a filter like ‘after_watching_this_your users_watched this’? 

With Localytics Analytics for Roku, content providers can start to develop new audience metrics across platforms, with real-time analytics.

By uncovering more user engagement information you can optimize your ad structure when combining this data with Nielsen and ComScore reports.

For app marketers’ user behavior data is invaluable and it’s important to make sure none of this data is slipping through the cracks. This will become increasingly important considering 77% of consumers now expect a seamless experience no matter what the channel.

To be a successful app marketer in 2015, you and your organization should focus on leveraging omni-channel user data to create user experiences that customers love.

What’s next for omni-channel marketing at Localytics?

While Roku still remains the most popular streaming device in the market, other STBs and media sticks like Google’s Chromecast and Amazon Fire have made considerable advances when it comes to market share.

When we release Localytics Analytics for Roku, we will also look to add support for other popular set-top-boxes in the near future. You can learn more about our support for the recently released Apple Watch.

Localytics is committed to powering app marketing everywhere your apps are. This ensures that you can provide a seamless app experience to your users no matter what channel they choose to engage with your business.

To register your interest and learn more about Localytics Analytics for Roku, please contact your Localytics Account Manager or reach out to Localytics support.


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