Localytics and Apptimize combine to deliver amazing mobile experiences

As the appification of the digital world continues it’s clear that only apps with the most compelling user experiences will stand out from the pack. That is why we are excited to announce that Apptimize and Localytics have collaborated to help marketers provide the richest mobile user experiences for their users.

By combining Apptimize’s mobile optimization capabilities and Localytics’ integrated mobile analytics and engagement platform app marketers can quickly iterate, A/B test and personalize the mobile experience to keep users coming back again and again.

Leveraging Optimization, Analytics and Marketing to cultivate deeper relationships with your users

Continual, rapid optimization through A/B Testing, Instant Updates (bypass App Store approvals!), and Feature Flags is critical to testing and refining the user experience for mobile apps. The key part of this integration is that app owners can set their experiments by using Apptimize and then seamlessly continue the personalization process through Localytics.

The Localytics and Apptimize integration not only uses an event-based and profile-based approach to sharing experiment data across platforms but also makes it automatic thus saving precious engineering resources. This is a more effective way to evaluate the performance of A/B experiments downstream for a few reasons:

Localytics and Apptimize Integration

Other Analytics and A/B Testing integrations

Easily gather key insights with apples to apples data comparison

Other A/B testing frameworks are either not tightly integrated with analytics so your data is often not comparable or broad tool suites don’t offer the full power of best in class solutions

Previous experiments are not overwritten

Non-event based integrations often update properties or dimensions instead of writing new events for each new experiment

Conduct more granular performance analytics

By setting A/B experiments as dimensions or properties instead of events funnel analysis is limited

Target specific users who received specific experiments

Without sharing data with a profile-based method it can be difficult to target users who received specific experiments

By selecting Localytics in the Apptimize dashboard, Apptimize automatically passes A/B experiment data to Localytics using the event-based and profile-based method. Let’s look at an example of an app that uses this more powerful approach of integrating A/B test data as in-app events and profiles.

Leveraging robust analytics to measure the impact of Apptimize A/B experiments

Once your app is sharing data between Apptimize and Localytics you can get to work on iterating, testing and personalizing the user experience. Let’s assume you are the app manager for an ecommerce app focussed on ‘vacation bookings’.


Create Localytics funnels using Apptimize experiments

As an Apptimize user you can set an A/B experiment in Apptimize to test the best location for the ‘Make Reservation’ button in the app. Perhaps this is because you have a theory that if the button was located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen a higher portion of app users would convert as opposed to having it in the left navigation of the app.

Each time a new experience is delivered to a user, Apptimize automatically creates a Localytics event called Apptimize Experiment Visited.  Each event includes two attributes - an attribute for the Apptimize experiment name: ‘New Purchase Button’ and an attribute for the the name of the specific test experience delivered: ‘Bottom Right’ and ‘Left Nav’.

In the image above we can see that this app manager has created a funnel that features 3 key events to test the location of the ‘Purchase Button’ in Localytics:

  1. App Launch
  2. Apptimize Experiment Viewed
  3. Made Reservation

The drill-down funnel bar chart validates the app managers theory to have the ‘Make Reservation’ button in the bottom right of the screen as the number of users who viewed this experiment ended up converting more than the number of app users who saw the button in its usual ‘Left Nav’ position.  


Set A/B Experiments in Apptimize

Within Apptimize, measuring the success of the A/B experiment is just as easy because all your Localytics events automatically flow into Apptimize as goals that you can select for the experiment.

You can even create funnels based on a series of Localytics metrics to track the performance of your test through a series of clicks and see which location for the button improves total completed purchases in addition to the click of the first button.


View A/B Experiment results in Apptimize


Reinforce A/B tests with personalized marketing

With the Localytics and Apptimize integration app managers can continue to personalize the app experience for their users by using a combination of push, in-app and email marketing to reach users who have viewed specific A/B experiments.


Reach specific experiment recipients with targeted messages

When it comes to managing a vacation bookings app as was the case in the example above, an app marketer can simply create an audience of users who received the experiment above and depending on whether or not they converted or not they can send them a follow up message to keep them engaged.

Delivering stellar mobile experiences to your users on a consistent basis is made simple with this integration of Apptimize and Localytics. Bypass app store approvals and conduct A/B experiments in minutes using Apptimize. Then take advantage of seamless data sharing between Apptimize and Localytics to evaluate performance and deliver relevant content to your users to surprise and delight them.


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