Localytics and Apteligent Partner to Deliver a 5-Star App User Experience

We’re happy to announce you can now integrate the Localytics’ mobile engagement platform with Apteligent’s (formerly Crittercism) data on crashes, slow performance, and poor user experience. For the first time, product managers and marketers can now:

  • Create segments of users that have a poor app experience
  • Drive campaigns to target users at risk of churning
  • Understand how performance is impacting business metrics like app usage, retention, and funnel conversion rates

As smartphone penetration reaches saturation in the U.S. and overall app install rates slow, it is becoming more important than ever to retain your existing users. On mobile, the number one cause of a poor user experience is poor performance. It becomes a vicious cycle as users that face issues leave a bad review, lowering the appetite for new users to install the app. All of this drives up user acquisition costs. Our data shows that only 15% of people consider installing a 2-star app and 50% a 3-star app, while 96% consider installing a 4-star app.

Understand “Why” Your Funnels are Dropping
As you track your funnels, you’ll inevitably see dropoffs at each step in the funnel. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly why these users are dropping off. By using the Localytics - Apteligent integration, not only can you see app usage events that occur before and after each funnel step, but now you can see if a performance issue, such as a crash, occurred. Since every crash by definition causes a drop in the funnel at that point, you immediately know which percentage of your users were lost to that event. You can then prioritize the crash for a fix, and can finally answer that elusive “why” question!


Proactively “Save” Your Users
Create a push campaign that targets those VIP users that are facing performance issues. By combining Apteligent’s performance data with usage data from Localytics, you can now get a full picture of a user’s experience. Rather than waiting for a user to uninstall the app or submit a support ticket, be proactive with your messaging. Save your VIP users by creating campaigns that clearly communicate what you are doing about the issue they faced, and create programs to incentivize them to stay.

Analyze How Performance Impacts Business Metrics
Since crashes are sent in as events, you can now see their impact on your various business metrics. For example, to see how crashes are impacting retention, you can select Crash Reported as the First Event, and App Launch as the Return Event. The resulting graph shows you how many users returned after experiencing a crash. This is a powerful way to illustrate the impact of performance issues on your most important key performance indicators for your app and make decisions on whether to fix crashes or develop new features.


How to Get Started
First, make sure you have integrated both the Localytics SDK and the Apteligent SDK into the same mobile app. Next, all a developer needs to do on iOS is subscribe to the Apteligent crash observer and add one line of code to send the event to Localytics. The code is available to copy and paste from this document. It takes less than 15 minutes. If you’d like a demo of the integration, fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.