Localytics and Marketo Integrate Mobile and Web Marketing Automation

Today Localytics is excited to announce its integration with Marketo marketing automation software for the web.

When it comes to marketing in today’s mobile-centric, data-driven, consumer-driven world, the overarching objective for marketers is to build lasting, individual relationships with customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle. Generic blast-messaging tactics no longer cut it.

However, the ease with which marketers can achieve this goal has been impeded by the lack of cross-channel marketing automation tools to communicate with individuals at scale.

In fact, a recent report from VB Insight found that 80% of consumer-facing companies don’t understand their customers beyond basic demographics and purchase history - and 96% of marketers say building a comprehensive view of customers is a challenge.

Starting today, companies can use both Localytics and Marketo to combine customer data and user behaviors to automate customer communication across mobile and desktop, and apps and websites. The partnership brings together the most granular customer data possible with the most impactful marketing tools to engage users uniquely throughout their entire journey with a brand.

By bringing together data and interactions across channels and devices, companies can achieve the one-to-one communication that marketing today demands. Think of it this way: cross-channel insights enable marketers to move from solely responding to the needs of the customer, to anticipating their needs and moving them forward on their journey with the brand.

Here are some of the ways digital marketers can benefit from this integration:

1. Take cross-channel marketing automation to the next level

Marketo users benefit from this integration with Localytics by incorporating richer mobile data into their marketing campaigns.

The availability of robust in-app analytics data helps marketers automate and reach customers with more compelling campaigns that are based on cross-channel behaviors. For instance, they can use Marketo Smart Campaigns to trigger Localytics push messages that reach customers on their smartphones.

This maintains an ongoing dialogue between a business and its customer wherever he or she goes, as opposed to communicating only when the customer has access to his or her desktop or laptop.

Setting ‘a-ha moment’ metrics for your business, such as Facebook’s 7 friends in 10 days retention metric, is paramount for every brand in the digital age, and the quicker a marketer can determine these metrics the more likely that marketer is to cultivate deeper relationships with the brand’s most valuable users.

For a fitness app like MyFitnessPal, marketers can use the Localytics and Marketo integration to establish continuity in the onboarding process by understanding initial user habits and checking in with customers more regularly to keep their brand top of mind.

2. Use cross-channel data to drive meaningful web and mobile marketing campaigns

Marketers can now leverage cross-channel customer data as part of their Marketo email campaigns to deliver more meaningful content to the targeted customer. Leveraging Marketo webhooks, Localytics mobile app behavior and profile data are automatically pulled into Marketo for use in email campaigns.

Marrying data across platforms in this way helps marketers build the a more consistent brand experience that delights the customer.

For example, a department store can use this integration to run more relevant email campaigns that target mobile app users who have displayed certain buying inclinations in the past.

Using Localytics auto-profiles like ‘Last Session Date’ and/or ‘Last City’, a marketer can see when and where a user may have recently engaged with the brand and can build on this information with a Localytics profile like ‘Shoe Buyer’ to craft a campaign that resonates with the targeted email recipient.

Localytics Profile metrics, e.g. ‘shoe buyer’ & ‘Last City’

For example, the email campaign could feature the subject line: 25% off all women’s shoes! The email body could advertise a special redemption code for a pair of shoes someone recently viewed.

In addition to sharing data from mobile to web to boost email campaign performance in Marketo, insights from the web can also be used in Localytics via custom fields in Marketo.

This continues the cross-channel automation story and ensures that marketers have the information they need at every juncture of the lifecycle journey.

Setting custom fields in Marketo

What’s next for marketing automation?

This integration represents our commitment to helping marketers deliver relevant app experiences to their customers in every stage of the app lifecycle, by bringing together intelligence from multiple systems and integrating those insights with powerful marketing channels.

We know that without shared customer intelligence across channels, marketing automation tools will fall short of delivering amazing customer experiences. As marketers continue to shift from a reactive method of engaging with their customers, this integration will serve as an important jumping-off point for building accurate digital profiles of users.

Over the coming months we are excited to offer additional third-party integrations to help marketers share more data and refine their marketing strategy across platforms.

Marketo Integrated Partner