App Benchmarks: See How You Measure Up [5 Industry Cheat Sheets]

We all know the app world is becoming increasingly competitive. As a result, businesses are constantly wondering how their apps measure up to others in their industry. Fear not! We have looked at data across various industries to see how apps are performing and to help app owners gauge how well their apps are faring. 

We’ve created handy “cheat sheets” for apps in five major industries -- eCommerce & Retail, Games, Media & Entertainment, Technology and Travel & Lifestyle -- that show app benchmarks for engagement, user retention and marketing tactics like push messaging campaigns.

We’ve also rolled up all of the data to show the average combined metrics across all of the industries. 




Technology-Apps Travel-and-Lifestyle


We didn’t just stop there. We understand that mobile usage also varies based on the location of users, so we have also rolled up our data to region-specific cheat sheets for app usage in USA, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. 




If you have an app in one of these verticals or are curious to see how users in certain regions are performing, take a look at our cheat sheets and see how you measure up. 

We hope you find these app benchmarks helpful. If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see in future iterations, please let us know in the comments below.


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