Localytics Releases New iOS 5 Compatible Library

Localytics app analytics is now fully compatible with iOS 5

The latest Localytics SDK is now compatible with Apple's soon-to-be-released iOS 5. Any developer who submits either a new app or an update to their existing app to Apple's App Store should make sure they have incorporated our most up-to-date SDK (version 2.3, available from our iOS Quickstart Integration Guide) to ensure full compatibility.

As part of the iCloud launch, Apple changed the storage guidelines for developers in order to make backups more efficient. The /Documents directory is now reserved for user-generated data. All data that can be downloaded or regenerated must now be stored in /Library/Caches. Please see Apple’s iOS Data Storage Guidelines for more details (Apple login required).

The latest version of our library now uses /Library/Caches to store analytics data. This change will not impact app performance or accuracy of your analytics. As with all new client libraries versions, Localytics v 2.3 is completely backwards-compatible with previous builds of iOS.

It's important to note that Apple's new data storage policies only affect app updates or new submissions. If you have an existing app, it will not be affected. We do strongly recommend that you update your Localytics client library for better speed, updated compatibility, and access to the latest Localytics app analytics features.