Localytics Dashboard Updates: New Message Builder, New Navigation & New Filters

Yesterday, we announced Localytics Profiles, a people-centered and personalized approach to app marketing and analytics. Along with Profiles we also updated the Localytics dashboard to make it more intuitive and easier to navigate through your reports.

The updates include a new message builder, reorganized left-side navigation, changes to feature names, and two new analytics filters.

Message Builder Updates: Profile Targeting and Recurring Push


Profile Targeting

Profiles enables you to send any information about your users from both inside and outside the app, and use that information to send personalized push and in-app messaging campaigns.

Customers that are currently sending profile information to Localytics can access the new targeting capabilities in the “Who” screen of the message builder (go to Marketing > Messaging > New Campaign). Select “Based on Profile” (pictured below) to create a custom filter by combining multiple profile attributes and events users have executed in the app.

If you’re currently a Localytics Marketing customer, you can start using profiles today.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 9.05.27 AM.png

Recurring Push

Recurring push enables you to automate your push messaging by allowing you to schedule campaigns that send on a recurring basis to users who have newly qualified into your targeting criteria.

To create a recurring campaign, select “Recurring” in the when tab of the message builder, specify your send frequency, and set a date and time.


New left-side navigation

We’ve updated our left navigation to make it easier to find all your reports in the dashboard. You’ll noticed that we’ve reorganized and renamed some of our features:

  • Analytics includes Usage, Events, Engagement, Flows and Location (formerly Maps)

  • User Insights includes Segments, Funnels, Retention (formerly Cohorts) and LTV (formerly Monetize)

  • Marketing includes Messaging (formerly Interact), and Attribution (formerly Acquire)

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 1.18.40 PM.png

Filter and Split by “Push Enabled” and “Jailbroken”

Earlier this month we added two new filters to our analytics, “push enabled” and “jailbroken.”

Filter and split by “push enabled” to understand how users who enable push notifications behave differently in your app than users who do not. It’s a powerful tool to help you measure the effectiveness of your push campaigns in engaging users.

Use the “jailbroken” filter to remove jailbroken devices from your reports, or to gain a better understanding of what jailbroken users are doing in your app.

At Localytics we’re constantly working to maintain a seamless user experience as we continue to expand our functionality. We hope that these updates improve your experience in the Localytics Dashboard.