Localytics iOS SDK Supports iPhone 4

Our engineers have jumped on each Apple developer release and ensured that our SDK is fully compatible with Apple's latest creation, iOS 4 and the iPhone 4. With people queued up around the world last night to be among the first to sport Apple's hot new device, mobile app publishers using Localytics are already gaining anonymous, valuable and accurate insight into iPhone 4 usage.

iPhone apps released with any previous version of the Localytics iPhone SDK are still compatible with iPhone 4 and will continue reporting accurate metrics. However, for the latest features and updates we recommend developers upgrade to version 1.6 of the Localytics library when preparing your next release. Full documentation and both binary and source code downloads are available from the iPhone integration guide.

Localytics provides the most powerful real-time analytics for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad applications to the publishers of mobile apps. To remain your trusted mobile analytics provider, Localytics does not sell data to third parties nor do we publish reports that expose your products or services. Additionally, all of our SDKs support end-user opt-out, we encrypt device IDs to protect your customers, we provide the source code to our SDKs, and our service agreements require Localytics customers to follow all relevant laws and industry standards.