Localytics Partners with Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Today we are pleased to announce that Localytics has partnered with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) to produce an integration between these two leaders in data-driven marketing. This partnership was formed to help address the challenges marketers face when attempting to build a cross-channel marketing strategy. Currently, only 6% of marketers claim they have a single view of the customer.* There are two primary reasons for this. First, most companies' data is stored in silos, making it difficult to understand how the same user behaves in-store, online, on social, and on mobile. Second, most marketing interactions are planned and evaluated in a vacuum, instead of being connected to a complete customer journey.

The partnership between Localytics and SFMC allows customers to dramatically improve their ability to understand the needs of their users and leverage this rich information. Together, we have broken down data silos by combining web and mobile user data in one centralized location and facilitated immersive customer journeys through enhanced cross-channel marketing capabilities.


Silos are for Farmers, Not Marketers

A lack of data unification contributes to bad user engagement, inaccurate analytics and poor campaign targeting. For example, a company that wants to re-engage users who have churned might use SFMC to build an email campaign targeted at customers who have stopped visiting the website. However, what if many of those users have stopped visiting the website because they’ve started using the company’s app instead? For these users, sending an email that says “we miss you” would not only be incorrect, but potentially counter-productive.


With the new Localytics/Salesforce integration, companies are able to easily leverage all the data about their users to avoid bad engagement like the example provided above. Instead, they are able to create intelligent, relevant and respectful interactions that deepen customer engagement.  The integration works by synchronizing Localytics Profiles data with SFMC Contact data. Here are some of the other ways that companies can benefit from data unification:

  • If a user’s SFMC Contact data is changed or updated, that change is automatically registered in the user’s Localytics Profile data as well (and vice versa).
    • This means marketers can leverage all of the great insights stored within SFMC to deliver even more powerful segmentation and targeting of Localytics in-app or inbox messages. For example, users can be targeted based on information such as “Last Purchase Date”, “Average Order Value”, “RFM Score”, or “Loyalty Program Level”.
  • Channel-specific data is made available to both platforms.
    • For instance, Localytics Profiles data includes the location of where the user was the last time they opened the app. This can be used to create very targeted audiences in SFMC or drive more relevant dynamic content within emails
    • Localytics Predictions user segmentation data can be used when targeting campaigns in Salesforce, allowing marketers to proactively address churn or provide timely nudges that help drive conversion.
  • Custom user data is synchronized across both platforms
    • Even customized data (like NPS scores) is shared between Localytics and SFMC

Surround Sound Engagement

Marketers can also use SFMC’s Journey Builder to include Localytics and SFMC messages in one campaign, creating a “surround sound” engagement strategy. For instance, a marketer can create a Journey Builder campaign where users who have abandoned a website’s shopping cart are sent a Localytics push message reminding them that there are items in their cart. If a user doesn’t open the push message, they are sent a follow up SFMC email offering free shipping if they complete their order.


This blog post has only scratched the surface regarding the opportunities that the Localytics and SFMC partnership brings to marketers. The integration provides an extensive new range of options when it comes to engaging users. It is available to Localytics Enterprise customers and can be used with SFMC’s Email Marketing, Customer Data Platform, and/or Journey Builder.

For more information, talk to your account manager or reach out to our Sales Team today!


*Source: http://www.signal.co/press-releases/global-survey-finds-six-percent-marketers-single-view-customer-despite-90-percent-reporting-top-priority/