Localytics Profiles: Getting Started

Last week we launched Localytics Profiles, a people centered and personalized approach to app marketing and analytics. Profiles provide organizations with the ability to collect, manage and share customer data from all marketing channels. At Localytics we believe that the power of combining profile and behavioral information from inside and outside the app creates truly intelligent marketing. Here’s how you can get started.

Profiles are currently available for all Localytics Marketing customers. Localytics Marketing enables you to send push and in-app messages to customers, as well as drive engagement and conversion with personalized marketing through the use of Localytics Profiles.  If you aren’t a current Localytics Marketing customer, we encourage you to sign up for this service today.

How do I start using Localytics Profiles?

If you’re a current Localytics Marketing customer, the steps below will help you get started. For more information, please review the Profiles Product Guide and Profiles FAQs.

1. Install the latest Localytics SDK.

2. Send customer profile information to Localytics in key/value pair format tied to a customer ID via the Localytics SDK (iOS | Android) or server to server API.

Key/value pairs are a set of two linked items - a unique identifier and a value.

key value pairs

Customer profile information is data you have about your customers from both inside and outside your app. Integrate customer information from your CRM (or other databases) with Localytics and use that information to create relevant and engaging marketing campaigns. To capture as much customer information as possible, Localytics accepts key/value pairs in several different formats. Below are some examples.

key value pair examples

3. Enable push notifications on iOS or Android here.

4. Compose relevant and engaging marketing campaigns from the Marketing > Messaging section of the Localytics Dashboard.

Marketing campaign creation

When you compose a new push or in-app message, you’ll see a new “Based on Profile” section. Here you will be able to target people based on the customer profile information you’ve sent to Localytics.

Profiles flow

5. Run your marketing campaigns and measure the results in Localytics.

It’s a good idea to send profile information to Localytics as soon as customer profiles change. For example, if a user was 17 years old and is now 18 years old, refresh your profile data so that you’re always targeting customers based on their most recent profile.

To learn more, please visit www.localytics.com/profiles.