Localytics Updates Its Web Analytics Solution

At Localytics, we know that apps are not strictly a mobile phenomenon. The web is quickly becoming appified. To address the growing analytics needs of web apps, we’ve strengthened our app-first web analytics solution. Localytics customers can now implement our updated web SDK to get granular, real-time insights into their web apps.

The new SDK supports all major browsers and takes less than ten minutes to integrate. With the new web SDK installed, you can:

  • Track sessions, session length, and session interval

  • Tag screens with unlimited events and event attributes

  • Filter and split reports by any attribute


Why app-first web analytics?

Consumers have come to expect interactive, app-like experiences on the web. With this shift away from static content, traditional web analytics no longer fit the bill. Sessions and events have replaced page-views and clicks as the important metrics to measure.

Localytics was founded on the belief that apps would become the dominant way people interact with information. We created a mobile-first marketing and analytics platform to meet a need that traditional web analytics wasn’t fulfilling. At first, it seemed like mobile analytics and web analytics were different categories, with many companies adopting separate platforms for each. Today, we’ve come full circle. Mobile-first platforms have evolved into app-first platforms, and are beginning to supplement and replace web analytics solutions on both mobile and desktop web.


Why Localytics?

Localytics is the only platform to bring app marketing and analytics together, and offers many advantages on the web. Like our mobile analytics, our web analytics are in real-time. We never sample data, enabling deep granularity. Event and attribute tagging gives you insight into user action that traditional web analytics can’t provide, enabling you to track the same user behaviors across your mobile and web apps.

Recently, we launched Localytics Profiles to give you a complete, cross-channel view of your app users. With Profiles, you can easily tie together information about what the same customer is doing on your website and in your mobile apps, and use that information to send personalized, contextually relevant push and in-app messages.


Get Started with Localytics on the Web

Integrate the Web SDK in ten minutes with one small snippet of code (below). Click here for complete integration instructions.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 6.07.28 PM.png

Please know that you can use Localytics in addition to other web analytics platforms you may currently be using. We encourage you to try Localytics because it will enable you to gain new insights into user behavior on your website, align KPIs across your mobile and web apps, and gather cross-channel insights about your customers.