Localytics will be at Mobile World Congress 2016! Here are 3 Reasons to Meet Up with Us


On February 22nd, the world’s largest gathering of mobile leaders, businesses, and partners will kick-off in beautiful Barcelona. And we are pleased to announce that Localytics will be present at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016. 

MWC is an annual event that brings together over 94,000 people to talk about the current and future state of the mobile industry, technological developments, and the big, exciting opportunities ahead. 

MWC is a must-attend event, and if you’re planning on being there, here are three reasons to meet up with us.


1. You’ll Get Access to a FREE, Half-Day Mobile Branding Masterclass Featuring Our CTO

henry-cipollaDrop by on February 23rd and get a chance to listen to our CTO and mobile expert, Henry Cipolla. First, he’ll share insights on mobile marketing during a brief, 20-minute presentation, and then, move into more in-depth consultations during the round-table portion. Don’t miss your chance to pick his brain about all things apps!


2. You’ll Learn Why Push and In-App Messaging are NOT Mobile Email and Pop-up Ads

These days, most companies are finding their most engaged and valuable customers in their mobile apps. For marketers, apps enable new channels to build relationships with customers through things like push and in-app messaging. But unfortunately, most marketers are using these channels as if they were traditional email campaigns or pop-up ads – which is a huge no-no! 

Attend one of our masterclasses and you’ll learn specific approaches to how marketers should be leveraging these channels to create meaningful customer relationships and great user experiences. 


3. You’ll be Able to Talk Mobile Marketing with Us, One-to-One

Don’t have time for a half-day masterclass, but still want to meet someone with a passion for mobile marketing and trade success tactics? No problem! We’ll have mobile experts on the ground who will be happy to chat with you, one-on-one, so you get their undivided attention. To book a slot and secure time with us, simply fill out the form on this page.

We look forward to meeting you at Mobile World Congress this year! 

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