Managing Marketing Campaigns Is Now Easier Than Ever


You might have noticed that the Messaging page in the Localytics dashboard got an update on Monday morning. We’ve added a graph and a table that are intended to make managing your mobile messaging strategy just a little easier.


Message Activity


The new graph shows you the volume of Localytics push, in-app, email, and inbox messages that have been sent out over the past seven days. It’s an easy way to check that all of your campaigns are performing as expected. Customers who have a lot of automated campaigns will find this particularly helpful and reassuring, as any unexpected changes in send rate will be immediately visible.


Upcoming Messages


The new table shows you what push notifications and email campaigns are scheduled to be sent in the near future. With one glance, you can make sure that your upcoming campaigns are set up correctly. You can also catch recurring campaigns that you might want to update or cancel before they go out to users. A convenient menu gives you one click access to edit a campaign or view its performance.


It's All About the Customer

These two new features came out of some really interesting conversations we’ve had with customers over the past few months. Since the beginning of February, the User Experience (UX) team has had the pleasure of speaking with dozens of our customers about how they use Localytics and what they would like to see as we continue the never-ending process of improving our platform.

These conversations have been critical because UX is about more than just how a product looks; it’s about how a product works and how it helps people get their job done more quickly and easily. In order to build the best experience possible, we need to know our customers at a very deep level.

Our notes stretch on for pages, but one constant theme has been that managing campaigns is an intricate dance for many of our customers:

  • Messaging is all about the app user. Everything from timing to message frequency to content is centered around who’s receiving the message and why.
  • Campaigns are extremely time-sensitive. Knowing and controlling when they go out is critical.
  • Marketers think about messaging at a strategic level and group their campaigns around strategic goals.
  • Messaging isn’t just owned by Marketers, it’s often shared with or owned by the Product Team.
  • Messaging is a core product feature of many apps and contributes directly to users’ perception of the app and the brand.

There's More to Come

With each discussion, we learn more about what really matters in the effort to make apps shine and narrow in on new ways to help our customers stay on the cutting edge of this rapidly advancing industry. The new cards we released on Monday are just the beginning. Localytics offers a comprehensive set of tools with incredible potential to solve real problems in easy-to-use ways, and we’ll continue to bring them together into a seamless workflow designed to make your app as great as it can be.