Migrate Your Push Notifications from Parse to Localytics

Push notifications aren’t just a marketing channel, they’re part of your app. We know your users rely on push notifications to discover great content and features without needless browsing and to stay in the know with alerts.

When we heard the news that Parse would be winding down at the end of the year, we wanted to make sure that all the great apps relying on Parse could find a new home for their push notifications. If you’re using Parse today and are unsure of what’s next, we hope you will continue growing your engagement strategy with Localytics.

Localytics is doubling down on mobile engagement this year and continuing to invest heavily in our push capabilities. We power highly targeted, personalized push campaigns through our marketing dashboard and Push API, but the delivery channel is just one piece of the story. Our platform is designed to help you tackle the biggest challenges in mobile - retention and conversion - by helping you target the right users with timely messages, and tune and optimize those campaigns based on meaningful performance data. Here are a few things you can do with our platform that we think are pretty cool:

  • Reduce user churn by sending perfectly timed campaigns to high churn-risk users. Our platform actually predicts which users are most likely to churn based on their behavior patterns, so you know exactly who to target.
  • Set very specific campaign goals and measure conversion against them. Knowing how many users did the “checkout” event isn’t helpful if your campaign is promoting a specific item. Get the full details on every conversion to make sure your campaigns are achieving the right outcomes.

Migrating your targeted campaigns and transactional notifications from Parse to Localytics is simple and our team is happy to help. To migrate from Parse to Localytics, you will need to set your channels as profile attributes in Localytics. You can then begin using profile attributes to send targeted push campaigns through the Localytics Push API. See full documentation on using our Push API here.

Using Localytics is free up to 10,000 monthly active users. For larger apps, we offer a variety of custom packages with features including push, in-app messaging, email marketing, attribution, and remarketing. We recommend that you start with our Mobile Engagement Suite, which includes push notification and in-app messages on top of powerful user insights and predictive segmentation.

We’d like to learn more about your current use of Parse and mobile engagement plans so we can help make your transition as seamless as possible. Please get in touch by requesting a demo here. We’re looking forward to speaking with you about the things we’re excited about in 2016 and helping you continue to grow your app.


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