Mobile Metrics Explained in a Way Even Your Parents Would Understand [Cheat Sheet]

“Dear Localytics, my parents don’t understand what I do.”
“Dear Localytics, I’m new to mobile and I don’t understand what to do.”

If you’re part of the app space, chances are you’ve found yourself in one (or both) of these situations. 

We get it: Mobile is a new and exciting frontier, but that brings a fair bit of challenges too – like getting your head around all the industry jargon and finding a plain and easy way to explain things to a family member, friend, or that random dude at the coffee shop.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a cheat sheet that could define MAU and LTV, decode sessions versus segments, and demystify conversions from cohorts? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a nifty and neat mobile metrics glossary that even your parents could comprehend?

Well, we do like making things better for you, fellow app marketers and developers. So, we’ve created the ultimate one-pager on app analytics (for beginners). It contains every term you need to know with clear and simple definitions on what they mean. 

Use this as a reference point when you’re measuring your app’s success at every stage of the app engagement lifecycle.


Download the full PDF here!

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