Mobile User Acquisition: What's your strategy?

At Localytics, we're fortunate enough to partner with some of the most sophisticated mobile marketers and acquisition teams on the planet. And we've heard the same complaint time and time again: "I spend months managing mobile ad campaigns to attract new users -- but I have no idea what's working and what's not."

Last week, we were thrilled to announce an industry first: The Localytics Attribution API.

Going from start to conversion

Our Attribution API enables your ad tracking vendor to work with Localytics to measure the success of your user acquisition campaigns -- so that you can leverage our deep app analytics platform to track ad effectiveness and adjust your marketing budget to attract awesome, high-value end users.
We're excited that leading ad tracking providers like adjust, AppsFlyer, Kochava, and Tapstream have already taken advantage of our API to build global integrations. Our new partners join the ranks of AD-X and MobileAppTracking by TUNE, and we’re looking forward to working with them.

What matters in mobile user acquisition

Most innovative marketing teams with a budget for user acquisition have already discovered the importance of partnership with a mobile ad tracking vendorBut even the best ad tracking providers focus heavily on click attribution, building connections with hundreds of ad networks to help you measure how many of the end users who clicked on your ad went on to install and run your mobile app.

Click-to-install ratio is a critical datapoint for app marketers because nearly all mobile advertising is priced on a CPC basis -- so you're paying for the click and hoping to get an install. But app installs are just the beginning.

For most of our customers, success in user acquisition isn't just racking up downloads. Marketers look to land consumers who will stick around, engage with their apps, and join their community of active users. Especially as the mobile advertising ecosystem matures and user acquisition costs rise, no one wants their advertising campaigns to bring in new users who try their app once and then immediately churn. Enter Localytics.

The Localytics Solution

Our Attribution API enables your ad tracking vendor to send app-install data on your mobile ad campaigns to Localytics. It supports the latest industry-standard device identifiers like the iOS Identifier for Advertising (IDFA) and Google Android ID (GAID). And it's simple to set up  -- literally, the Localytics set-up process is about as easy as clicking a button in the Attribution Dashboard:

Ad Tracking Setup in Localytics


If you're working with your ad tracking partner to leverage sophisticated capabilities like mobile fingerprinting or cross-device tracking, you can see the results in Localytics too!

We’re the first!

As far as we can tell, no other app analytics provider offers anything as open and scalable. Ad tracking integration historically involves a lot of ugly SDK-to-SDK integration that can be challenging to test or troubleshoot -- and puts the burden of interoperability between ad tracking and app analytics partners squarely on the shoulders of marketers and their engineering teams.

We think this is crazy, and we decided that we owed our customers a more sane and scalable solution. 
We're hard at work on more capabilities to keep Localytics at the forefront for savvy marketers, and we look forward to helping you build and market awesome, high-growth mobile apps.
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