New Features: Expanded Cohort Analysis, Custom Dimensions and More

Today, we’re happy to announce a number of new features including user-based cohort splits, time zone settings for reports, custom dimensions and multiple additions to Advance reports and Query Builder.


For All Users

Set default time zone for reports

Customers can now set the default time zone for all reports in the dashboard. To change your apps’ time zones, simply log into your Localytics dashboard, click on the Administration tab, and hit the Edit button on the applicable app. You will now find that, in addition to the app’s name and category, a drop-down menu for time zone is now available.

Improved session length analysis

Get even better insight into your users’ session lengths - your session length metrics now automatically filter out obviously erroneous session lengths (below zero seconds and above 12 hours). In addition to average session length, we now also report median session length.


For Premium and Enterprise

Monthly cohorts splits added to all charts

User-based cohort splits are now available in the Usage and Event charts, with cohorts determined by the time that users first launched your app. This gives another view of retention by splitting session, location, features and more by the month in which users were acquired. For example, view sessions by country and first month the app was used.

Weekly cohorts are also available with Advanced usage reports. Enterprise customers can add daily cohorts as a dimension in Query Builder.

Cohort-based analysis of a mobile app's users broken down by country

New dimensions for Advanced Reporting and Query Builder

Premium and Enterprise customers can create and save custom charges by cross-tabbing any two dimensions. Query Builder goes a step further and gives Enterprise customers ad hoc, cross-app queries combining up to four dimensions through a simple web UI, with the results download directly to their computer. Three additional dimensions have been added to both the Advanced reports and Query Builder:

  • Language (Locale)
  • Daily, weekly and monthly cohort splits
  • Jalibroken


For Enterprise

Custom dimensions

Custom dimensions are now available in Localytics dashboard charts. By creating custom dimensions you can segment your analyses with user profile data that specifically meet your needs, including gender, subscriber status, and purchaser vs. non-purchaser. Cross-tab your custom dimensions with other standard dimensions (most popular hour of the day for purchasers vs. non-purchasers, for example) and discover actionable insights into app usage.

For help getting your custom dimensions implemented, please contact Localytics support today.

Custom dimensions allow you to create and query any dimensions you need