New Beta: A Faster Way to Import User Data

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In the release of Profile Exports, we discussed at length the Localytics’ User Profile and the importance of Profiles to our platform going forward, so I won’t discuss any of that in detail here. But for those of you that missed it, here is a brief recap: A User Profile is a collection of preferences, behaviors and interactions that a user has had with your brand. User Profiles are critical if you want to share data across multiple systems in order to get one complete view of your customers.

Introducing Bulk Profile Imports

In recent releases we have focused on the exporting of data and insights to enable better segmentation and targeting in systems outside of Localytics. However, enriching your Localytics data with information from outside sources is equally important, as it allows you to build smarter Audiences and more personalized messaging. That's why today we’re announcing the beta launch of Bulk Profile Imports. Bulk Profile Imports is a RESTful web service that gives your engineering team the ability to easily send large amounts of user level data collected in other systems to Localytics to enable better messaging.


Profile Exports vs. Profile API

I’m sure you are wondering how the new Bulk Profile Imports differs from our existing Profile API. The major difference is that our original Profile API is designed to import, export, or update one user profile at a time. While this is great for real-time changes to things like a user’s account preferences, it can create issues when you need to update a large number of users’ profiles at the same time (such as when a large number of users complete a purchase after receiving an email). Building processes to accommodate a large volume of changes is unnecessarily complex and often leads to inconsistencies between data sources. In scenarios like this, you should take advantage of Bulk Profile Exports. Instead of updating each Profile individually, you can easily import all of your changes at once.


Create Smarter Audiences for Messaging

Bulk Profile Imports enables marketers to enrich Localytics User Profiles with information from external systems. Our customers use Profiles to add context to their mobile campaigns or to create a more personalized mobile engagement experience. Here are two examples of ways Profiles are being used today:

Goal: Leverage data from your email system in Localytics’ Audiences


  • Export User Profiles or Attributes from your email system
  • Use the Localytics API - Profile Imports to bulk import all of your User Profiles and/or Attributes from your email system on a daily basis
  • Use Localytics to create Audiences that include your custom Profile Attributes and Localytics data. For example, you might target users who haven’t opened an email in the past 30 days, but have had at least one session in your app.

Outcome: You can now create more informed Audiences for Push, in-app, Inbox, or Places campaigns

Goal: Enrich User Profiles with personalized offers


  • Create a mapping of users to the offers they should receive inside your CRM
  • Use the Localytics API - Profile Imports to bulk import all of the offer classifications to your User Profiles
  • Use the Localytics Dashboard to create Audiences based on categories of your active offers

Outcome: You can now message each user with a personalized offer, significantly increasing the likelihood of conversion


Maximize Your Use of Localytics

Are you taking full advantage of the Localytics Engagement Platform? More specifically, are you using User Profiles to create a true 1:1 multi-channel experience for your users? If not, here are all the details you need to integrate Bulk Profile Imports today.