[NEW EBOOK] Are You Ready for the 2017 Holiday Shopping Season?

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Overall retail ecommerce sales are expected to increase 16.6% this holiday season, with smartphone sales jumping a ridiculous 57.8% over 2016. The market for holiday shopping is moving primarily to mobile with each passing year. What does it all mean for the mobile marketing community? You need a plan. (That's what this free eBook's for!) We're also going to talk about the trends we're seeing, and the stats that back them up.


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Mobilize the “spare moments.”

Research from Facebook has shown that many people browse ads and offers during “spare moments” -- i.e. their commute -- during the holiday season, because time can get so busy. (Office parties!) Because much potential shopping is happening “on the go,” branding campaigns and advertisements can’t be vague. They need to be specific, direct, and have a logical CTA. You might be one of a dozen products that someone looks at within a specific 15-minute window. Think to yourself: how will your offering stand out to that hectic holiday season individual?


Your audience is vast.

 Additional research from Facebook (who saw mobile conversions go from 45% to 53% of total online conversions from ‘15 to ‘16) turns the “Millennials/Boomers” narrative on its head. To wit:





The “parent” level (typically Gen X or Boomer right now) is actually significantly more mobile-first than in-store first, meaning the potential audience you’re reaching is vast. While millennials and Gen Z (who somewhat lack purchasing power right now) are more mobile-first, increasingly 40 and 50-somethings are becoming that way too. Before you launch a campaign excessively using “trill” to hit that young audience, look at this graphic again.

Discover-in-feed needs to become shop-in-feed.

 While there are multiple mobile channels of note, Facebook will be the big fish for this holiday season and beyond. You need to make it easy for someone to discover you in feed and instantly shop. One possibility is using a business/branded Instagram story.

Marathon, not a sprint.

 Last year, 57 of the 61 days in November and December generated over $1 billion in sales. Plus: 45% of respondents on Facebook’s holiday research said they “actively” shop into mid-January looking for post-holiday deals. You’ve got a lot of ground to work with here. Don’t throw everything into one December 6th campaign.


That said: calendar, calendar, calendar.

Have a strategy in place. Tie it to events, offers, discounts, memes, random celebrity birthdays, holidays from far away places, or whatever else. Offer something up to your audience a few times a week to stay top of mind. Make everything clear and “on-brand.” There is a lot of money to be made between November and January (see above), so it pays to be strategized and organized simultaneously.



 Remember above about “spare moments?” This makes notifications and pushing even more relevant during the holiday season. Consider 5:25pm local rich pushes, for example -- that’s probably when someone has exited work and is headed to a party, home, or to a store. If you get right in that wheelhouse, you might convert much higher than normal.


More, more, MOAR.

 We updated our Retailer's Mobile Marketing Playbook with more information, facts, figures, and inspiration. You can grab it below. As always, if you have questions about mobile strategy -- Jingle Bells time or not -- feel free to contact us.


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