(New eBook) Your Guide To Achieving Personalized Mobile Experiences

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Although thought leaders in the marketing industry have been preaching the benefits of personalization for years -- and although we all know some amazing personalization campaigns, like #ShareACoke --  there’s surprisingly been very little in the way of hard data around how effective personalization can be.

As a result, many mobile marketers don’t know what they’re leaving on the table by not doing it well.

What we did: analyzed 23 billion push notifications sent by Localytics customers during 2018 and let the data tell us exactly what personalization can do for marketing campaigns. Using a K-Means Analysis (also called K-Means Clustering), we uncovered the natural progression of content personalization.

The reveal: you can put a brand’s marketing into one of four progressively more sophisticated groups based on what methods the brand uses to personalize their messages. We’re calling these four groups the Stages of Personalization. We also discovered that the more sophisticated the Stage, the better the average message performance.

We find that personalization actually offers a strong competitive advantage -- and as a result, you can’t view it as “too time-consuming.” You need to make time to get it right. The returns are there.

These broader findings also align with consumer surveys: Per Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer, 57% of customers are willing to provide their data in exchange for a more personalized experience. The problem is that only 22% of customers are satisfied with the level of personalization that brands are delivering, per Segment’s 2017 State of Personalization Report.

If your brand delivers a strong personalized experience, it will stand out to these unsatisfied customers. So how does a brand do that, exactly? Glad you asked. We took those 23 billion pushes and grouped our client base into four categories on a personalization spectrum from “broadcast” (just pushing out messages with little to no personalization) to a “mastery” stage.

What we learned through the data and what you’ll uncover when you read our eBook:

  • The personalization formula

  • The 4 stages of personalization and evaluating how far along various companies are

  • How to effectively craft a personalized mobile message

  • The tangible benefits of a personalization strategy & how long it takes to set one up


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