New Features for Places

Read Time: 5 min

We’ve been absolutely astounded by how popular Places has become since we launched it back in June. Today, we are releasing a new geofence editor and emoji support to make this geofencing product even better.

Geofence Editor


The first update is our new geofence editor. With this editor you can create a new geofence or modify an existing one from inside the Localytics Dashboard. To add a new geofence, click the green circle in the upper right corner of the Places page. To modify an existing geofence, just find it in the list on the Places page, click the ellipsis on the right-most column and select “edit.”

Inside the editor, you can use the map to find the location where you want to create your geofence. Once you’ve found the location, simply click on the map and voila, your geofence appears. Alternatively, you can enter in a location’s latitude and longitude directly. Once you’ve placed your geofence, you can add in any details you want, hit save and that’s all there is to it!

For those times when you want to add or modify a large number of geofences simultaneously, you can still upload CSVs, but most of the time, we think you’ll find the new geofence editor is a far faster and easier option.


Emoji Support

👍 🎉 📱 😀

We’ve supported emojis in our push notifications and in-app messages for some time and now you can also send emojis in your Places campaigns as well. Emojis are a great way to humanize your app messaging and we encourage you to run some A/B/n tests and see if they can help increase the performance of your Places campaigns. For instructions on how to add emojis to your campaigns, click here.


There’s More to Come!

We’ll continue to release new capabilities for Places over the coming months, so be sure to check the blog often. If you don’t yet have Places and you’d like to see a demo, be sure to ask!