New iPad Quickly Surpasses Original

Prepare for another WWDC with good Apple sales news - just two months after its launch, the new third-generation iPad this week caught the original, becoming the second most widely used of Apple’s family of tablets. After selling over 3 million devices and grabbing 14% of the US iPad market in the first four days of availability, the updated iPad has continued to sell extremely well. It now accounts for over 20% of all US-based iPads seen by apps using Localytics for app analytics, on par with the original and up nearly 50% from its launch-week share.

iPad device share in the US

The third-generation iPad’s popularity can be traced to its upgraded internals, high-definition Retina display, and to a lesser extent its available LTE connectivity. While its swift overtaking of the original iPad is impressive, it has a long way to go to leapfrog the iPad 2, which is still available in 16GB capacity for $100 less than the third-generation iPad’s basic model.