New iPads Combine for 4% of All Apple Tablets in November

Approximately 2% of iPads seen by apps running Localytics as their analytics and marketing solution in November were the new iPad Mini, and another 2% the new 4th-generation model. Both devices were released officially on November 2nd, with the Mini heralding Apple’s move into a second tablet form factor and the 4th-gen iPad effectively acting as a minor upgrade to the version released in March.

iPad market shares for November 2012 - Localytics

On the phone side, the iPhone 4S remains the most populous of Apple’s flagship product, accounting for 42% of all devices seen by apps with Localytics integrated. The new iPhone 5, launched in September in much of the world, has grown to 12% of all iPhones, good for third place behind the 4S and the iPhone 4.

iPhone market share - November 2012 - Localytics


Engagement by iOS Device

In addition to market shares, it’s important to compare engagement metrics of the various devices to gain insight into how they’re being used. Looking at average session length - the average amount of time, in seconds, a user of a device spends with an app open every time he or she launches it - we can see that the iPad family of tablets dominate the iPhone family of phones. This is not surprising, given the more on-the-go nature of smartphones vs. tablets, but looking more closely it appears that in both cases users of older devices spend more time per session in-app than users of newer ones.

iPad session length by device - November 2012 - Localytics iPhone session length by device - November 2012 - Localytics

Average session length should also be looked at alongside average sessions per user to determine overall engagement of a device’s user base. This metric shows how many app sessions on average a user initiated over a given period of time - in this case the month of November. We can see that the tablet vs. smartphone dynamic is the opposite of what we saw with average session length - iPhone users launch significantly more app sessions over a period of time than iPad users.

iPad Engagement - Sessions per User - November 2012 - Localytics iPhone Engagement - Sessions per User - November 2012 - Localytics

It is also interesting to note that the iPad Mini saw higher sessions-per-user than the 4th generation iPad in November, despite both being released on the same date and having a similar share of the market. Their generally lower sessions per user average compared to older iPads may be attributed to some degree to their being new devices, entering the market without a full month of usage, but the Mini’s higher sessions per user metric may imply that its smaller form factor makes its usage closer to that of a smartphone.

Localytics will continue to monitor iPad Mini engagement metrics to see how they change as more enter the market and users become more accustomed to the new form factor.



Localytics provides analytics and marketing tools for mobile app developers and marketers. Data for this study reflects all devices worldwide seen by apps with Localytics integrations, and covers the full month of November, 2012. Sessions per user is across all apps for the entire month.

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