Introducing New Localytics Feature: Custom Dashboards

We’re always trying to save you time and make data analysis easier, and we're excited to announce a new feature to help you do both. Localytics customers can now save their most frequently used reports on customizable dashboards for quick access and broad insight.

Do you look at the same charts every day or week? Now you can place them all on a dashboard for one-click access. Need to keep track of many complex key metrics and share them with your whole team? Now it's easy, no matter what report you want to create, compare, or share.

As demonstrated in the example below, dashboards can be as diverse as required: this customized dashboard from a sample E-commerce app includes acquisition, engagement, product-related events, and time-of-day charts all in one place.

localytics custom dashboards

You can even add reports from different apps, or compare date ranges or filters. The flexibility of custom dashboards opens up tons of new possibilities for your Localytics experience.


How to Use Custom Dashboards

Accessing Custom Dashboards

When you log in to Localytics today, you’ll see a new Dashboards link at the top of the navigation bar that you can use to access your custom dashboards. To get you started, we’ve set up an example dashboard pre-populated with reports from your most used app. You can use it to familiarize yourself with the feature.

Drag and Drop Reports to Customize Your View

Try dragging reports around, resizing them using the bottom-right corner, and renaming or removing reports. Everything is saved automatically. We think our developers knocked this one out of the park on ease-of-use, and we hope you agree.


How to Save Reports

Dashboards are best for saving the things you use most. Let’s say you have a set of five reports that you look at every Monday. If you want to add these to a dashboard, you can visit them in the Analyze section, then click the “Save” menu at the top-right of the chart or table. Next, select “Add to Dashboard.”

localytics custom dashboards 1 

You can then choose an existing dashboard, or create a new one right from this screen. 

localytics custom dashboards 2

Once complete, you then have a one-click summary screen with all the reports important to you, as well as a set of shortcuts to easily dive back into more detailed analytics.

As with other Localytics pages, you can use the date selector in the upper-right hand corner of the screen to adjust the date range for the report you want to save. In addition, we enable powerful date-range comparisons by allowing you to set a custom date range for individual reports. Just click on the calendar icon to access this.

How to Share Reports

To get even more eyes on your key reports, you can then share your dashboard with other people on your team using the Share menu. Share with everyone in your organization, or set up custom sharing to share the report only with specific individuals. This capability is especially useful for sharing reports with an executive who may not use Localytics on a daily basis, but would still be interested in keeping tabs on app data.


Power Comparisons: Apps, Filters and Dates

By allowing you to place reports side-by-side, custom dashboards enable a variety of useful new comparisons. For example, you can compare reports from different apps, different filters or set custom date ranges to watch variations between different time periods. This feature can help with tasks like comparing feature performance week over week or determining the popularity of certain attributes against one another.

In the custom dashboard below you can see a comparison of product views this week versus last week, as well as a similar report broken down by product category.

localytics custom dashboards 4

By combining the configurations that are most relevant to you on a single dashboard, gain even more insight into how specific metrics change over time, differ across apps and change when filtered by source, device or other dimensions. Once you have a powerful dashboard, share its insights with everyone in your organization.

Where to Get This Feature

Localytics customers can access custom dashboards today under the “Dashboards” link. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback about this or any other feature at

If you’re not a Localytics customer yet, reach out to us today for a demo of this feature as well as the rest of our app analytics and marketing platform. We’d love to show you around. Email today for a demo.