New Localytics Feature: Event Management to Optimize the Presentation of Your Data

We are excited to release new functionality to improve how you control your data within the Localytics dashboard.


Introducing Event Management

Localytics Event Management gives app owners two new capabilities:

1. Rename and add descriptions to events in the dashboard

2. Hide and stop processing data on events

This new functionality gives you greater control over your tagged events and helps you customize and improve the presentation of your data across your dashboard.

You can now modify the display name of an event throughout the dashboard. In addition, a new field allows you to set an event description, which will appear under the event name when the event is selected in the Analyze tab. This will increase comprehension of what an event means across teams and in cases where it’s not self-explanatory.

Localytics event management feature 1

You can now also hide events, simply by clicking a check mark next to the event name on the ‘Manage Events’ screen. This will stop data processing for the event, but will not remove historical data. Note that data sent while the event is disabled is not captured so should only be done for non-essential events.


Using Event Management

Renaming Events in the Dashboard

Event Management is useful when renaming an event to match common naming practices, correcting misspelled events, or aligning naming across teams.

For example, say an app has a five-screen tutorial that users on their first app launch and which can be skipped at any time. In the dashboard, each of the five tutorial events begins with the tag “Welcome:” except for the fourth event, which is named “Explore”. When marketers create a funnel to see what percentage of users progress through the tutorial, the fourth screen is often missed because its name doesn’t match the others. With Event Management, an app owner could now easily change the name to “Welcome: Explore” right in the Localytics dashboard.


Manage Data Processing of Events

Event Management can also be used to manage the number of data points processed, and hide non-essential events. You can now turn off data processing for individual events, effectively reducing the number of data points per user. At the same time, Event Attributes can now be hidden from the dashboard but without shutting off their data processing, therefore making it easier to find and view your most relevant data while continuing data collection in case a deep dive is needed.

Localytics event management feature 2

Take the example of a developer who is an enthusiastic event tagger during Localytics integration. This may have been necessary for troubleshooting at first, or if the product manager and developer wanted to track every action their users performed within their app. However, over time, extraneous events can be removed as your app and analytical needs change.


Where to Find This Feature

If you are a current Localytics customer, manage events can be found in ‘Settings’ under ‘Events’. You must have Owner privileges of an App to access event management.

If you aren’t already using Localytics Marketing, or you’re not yet a Localytics customer, we’d love to give you a tour of this powerful new feature as well as others in the Localytics platform. Email and we’ll set you up with a demo.