Offer a consistent customer experience across marketing channels with Localytics Profiles

At Localytics, we know that the key to providing an engaging app experience is linked to what you know about your users, their individual preferences, and their behaviors in the app.

We also understand that for most businesses, customer information is often stored in many different systems throughout the organization. For example, your in-store point of sale (POS) system may not be integrated with your customer relationship management system (CRM) and your CRM may not store the same data as your mobile app.

That’s why we’re excited to offer a new and easy way to connect previously disconnected customer information from multiple marketing channels right in the Localytics Dashboard.

Unify data silos in your organization with Localytics Profiles

How do I make my marketing messages resonate better with my users?

As a savvy app marketer, you want to increase app engagement by measuring the impact of your marketing campaigns. Being able to unify customer information from inside and outside the app allows you to begin to provide a consistent customer experience across your different marketing channels.

For example, if you are using a tool like Salesforce or Marketo to manage customer interactions, now, you can use Profiles Upload to easily import a .CSV file of high value users  that exhibited certain behaviors in a recent campaign (outside the app) to the Localytics Profiles Dashboard.

What does this allow you to do? This allows you to learn how people behaved in another channel and use that information to send a more relevant mobile marketing message when they are immersed in your app experience.

This is particularly useful when monitoring a group of users over time. You can understand how their interactions with your business change as you message them and how that impacts their behavior in the app.

For example, if you're a ticketing app, let’s say you sent an email marketing campaign to a group of fans with a season opener offer. Using Profiles Upload, you can import the fans who bought the season opener offer from that email campaign into Localytics.

This data import allows you to track the engagement of that fan group over the course of the season. You can then use additional Localytics Profiles filters like ‘last session date’ or ‘gender’ to target customers with a relevant push or in-app message.

For example, you could send a message that reads “You recently purchased the season opener email offer. As a thank you for being a loyal fan, we’d now like to give you a special discount for future season tickets.This allows you to show customers that you care to connect their actions from another channel with what they are doing in the app.

Use Profiles to pave the path to personalization

It can be difficult to respond to your customers’ changing preferences as quickly as you would like. With Profiles you can respond to the needs of your users in an instant with the most up-to-date customer data. Localytics research shows that campaigns that are sent incorporating profile information show 2x the click rates of those that don’t utilize profile data.

Other key benefits of Profiles Upload include:

  • It is the simplest way to add large amounts of customer profile data in just a few clicks, without the need for developer resources.

  • By unifying customer data both inside and outside the app you create a consistent customer experience across multiple channels

Use Profiles Upload in 3 easy steps

Starting today, you can begin to import profiles data directly into the Localytics Dashboard through a simple CSV file.

Step 1: Access Profiles Upload by clicking “Profiles” in the left navigation panel. Under the Actions menu on the right side of the Profiles page, select Upload CSV. For more information about the formatting of your CSV file check out our technical documentation.

Step 2: When the Profiles Upload assistant appears, select whether you’d like to upload your profile data to the org or to a specific app. Most of your customer data should be uploaded to your org so that you can use the data across all your apps. To upload app-specific data, like game levels played or subscription status, select Upload to this App.


Step 3: Before completing the upload process, preview the data you are about to import to ensure it is correctly formatted. Then click upload, and we’ll do the rest. 


Once your profile data is uploaded, you'll now have access to all your customer information in one place - the Localytics Dashboard. 

You can now use this data to send better targeted marketing campaigns to your app users, based on their behaviors outside the app. Rather than acting in data silos, you can now offer the consistent customer experience across channels that your users demand and that you desire.

What's next?

We will be updating the Profiles product to make it even easier to target your customers with relevant and meaningful messages. Our goal is to take app user engagement to the next level with ultra personalized app marketing.

Dynamic messaging features and Profiles export will be available in the coming months, and these features combined with what is available in Localytics today will keep users coming back to your app again and again.


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