Optimize your Facebook Ad Campaigns with Localytics’ ‘Campaign Trawler’

In today's on-demand digital society consumers expect relevance and reason before they will even consider a new product or service. For app marketers this means being continually faced with the difficult task of serving the right content to the right user at the right time.

At Localytics we understand that each and every ad is born to impact a different audience so we are excited to introduce ‘Campaign Trawler’ to Localytics, a simple way for app marketers to evaluate their ad performance on a more granular level.

In this post we will look at the principal benefits of Localytics ‘Campaign Trawler’ and provide some examples of when and where app marketers can leverage this feature to drive higher app ROI.

High performance beyond the campaign view

As an app marketer you can never understate the importance of personalization when acquiring new users because you want them to eventually become loyal members of your app community. The first benefit of ‘Campaign Trawler’ is that it helps you go beyond the campaign view to organize and optimize which ads and ad sets are performing well across all of your apps.

There is a lot going on below the campaign level. More granular insight into what’s happening at a campaign, ad set, and ad level translates to a greater measure of control for app advertisers, making it easier repurpose ad spend to drive higher ROI.

‘Campaign Trawler’ helps keep your overarching advertising goal in mind. In doing this it also exposes the entire advertising stack to app marketers allowing you to be precise when planning for scheduling, bidding, budgets, creatives.

Organize and optimize your ad spend

As app marketers we attempt to tailor each and every ad to make a specific desired impact on the target viewer. Another benefit of ‘Campaign Trawler’ is that you can quickly see how your targeting efforts are faring, particularly related to the performance of one ad creative over another.

For example, if you are an ecommerce app you may be operating targeted campaigns to acquire new users.

Let’s call them:

  • Campaign A: Shoe Sale

  • Campaign B: Customer Loyalty

Each of these campaigns have ad sets and each ad set has ads/creatives.

Campaign A targets male and female shoe shoppers, enticing them to download the app with a ‘new app user discount’ for an upcoming shoe sale. Campaign A is relatively straightforward. By arranging ad sets and ads by gender we target a broader range of potential new app users.

 Campaign A

For Campaign B we can see that targeting efforts are more granular than Campaign A. If you do run a campaign with this level of detail you likely already understand the historic buying patterns of some of the target customers.

Campaign B

 In order to acquire more app users this app marketer has decided to entice these particular users by offering 5% off their preferred category of jewelry or cosmetics if they download the app and complete the purchase on mobile.

Enhanced reporting metrics

Not only does ‘Campaign Trawler’ show you a graphical view of which ads and ad sets are doing well, you can also see highly valuable on-the-fly metrics like ‘Sessions/User’ or ‘LTV/User’ for each individual ad set or ad/creative.

Having this level of granularity adds more context and analytical richness to reports in the Localytics Dashboard. One of the first places app marketers can benefit from this information is in the Attribution section of the Dashboard.

By clicking on the source drop down arrow (shown above) you can see the campaigns that are currently running for the selected source. You can then click on an individual campaign to see a detailed view of this particular campaign.

In-depth campaign report split by ad set level

In the image above we can see a more in-depth view of our ‘50% Premium Subscription’ campaign which features two ad sets ‘Cord Cutters’ and ‘Connected TV’. App marketers can also choose to split this report by the ad/creative level to see on-the-fly metrics about how each ad is performing.

Armed with this information you can align future ad bidding and scheduling efforts to focus on the ad sets and ads that acquire the most valuable users for your app.

In-depth campaign report split by ad level

The ability to split reports by ads and ad sets is not limited to the Attribution section of the Localytics Dashboard. Localytics customers can also filter and split Usage and Events reports by ads and ad sets to uncover the true value of the users you are acquiring from each ad.

‘Campaign Trawler’ can also be used to investigate other aspects of app usage like whether or not certain creatives drive active users on devices with a higher quality screen resolution. For example using this feature we can split our usage reports by device to see if certain creatives drive more active users on iPhone 6 v. iPhone 6s. 

With this release we're excited to provide a new way to identify the true performance of not only your ad campaigns, but also your ad sets and ad creatives.

How can I get started?

‘Campaign Trawler’ is being rolled out during the coming weeks and will be available in the Localytics Dashboard without any additional configuration by the end user. The feature will work for campaigns that are run on Facebook, the Facebook External Ad Network and Instagram.

For information about support for 'Campaign Trawler' on additional networks, please subscribe to our product blog to keep up to date with all of the latest product information.

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