Quick Guide: How to Cook Up Perfect Push Messages

cooking-perfect-push-messagesAny good meal takes preparation, practice and the right ingredients to truly delight.

Have you ever thought your marketing campaigns might take the same?

Think of it this way: there are certain elements that go into app marketing campaigns that you know actually satisfy your users. These “ingredients” are one part of your plan, but you still need to put it all together - or, cook it perfectly.

In our latest guide, we cover the essential ingredients you need for great push campaigns - here's a preview!

Starting with Segmentation

All great recipes start with a base. When it comes to push, segmenting to create user audiences is your base. 

Audiences are groups of similar users who have all completed the same action or set of actions in-app, within a given time period. These can be reflective of your buyer personas, or just groups of users based on their app behavior.

When you create user audiences, you already have targeted groups of users you want to engage with your push messages or reach out to with personalized offers or notifications.

Segmented push messages (or, those sent to a specific user audience) have almost double the open rate of broadcast push messages. Additionally, 54% of users who click on a segmented push end of converting, as opposed to 15% of those who click on a broadcast push message.

Determining the Best Offer

Audiences also help you determine the best content or offer to use in your push message. What is the purpose of receiving the push? Typically, it contains an offer, discount or special announcement that your users want to receive.

But, the best pushes are those that personalize the offer in each campaign to a particular set of users:

  • Audience: Users who opened the app 2+ times in one week and looked at restaurants in Portland.
  • Potential Campaign: Send users a notification of a new restaurant opening in their area including an exclusive coupon.
  • Push message: “Dumpling Cafe in Portland is now open! Get our special offer for app users: $20 coupon for your first visit.”

The best way to ensure your push campaign is attractive to users is to give them something they’re actually interesting in redeeming or learning more about. Over time, you can create smaller, more personalized segments and campaigns that are even more relevant and have higher conversion rates.

Automating for Efficiency 

If you’re cooking for a large group of people, chances are you’re relying on some pretty important tools to facilitate the process. 

As your app grows, so will your MAUs. So, creating, managing and measuring push messaging campaigns for larger groups or multiple segments can get tricky without the right tools. Marketing automation makes it easy for you to keep track of ongoing campaigns and keep users engaged (through more than just a one-time message).

Using automation, you can:

  • Auto-enroll new users into campaigns, so that when a user qualifies to receive a message based on their in-app behavior, they’re automatically added to the campaign.
  • Chain push messages together in a series, the same as you would for an email nurture campaign. This allows you to create a campaign that touches users multiple times in a more sophisticated effort to increase app opens and engagement.

Putting on the Finishing Touches

The cherry on top of any good campaign? Personalization. Whether it’s a real-time notification to a user containing pertinent details (see “the transactional push” recipe, below) or a campaign that’s targeted by audience, in-app behavior, session data, or profile data from outside of the app (such as store credit or email opens), the more relevant the push, the better received it is by users.

Granular targeting and personalization is dependent on collecting user information from inside the app and by tracking their interactions with your brand across other channels. To get started planning and tracking this information, try this guide.


Want more insights into creating great campaigns? Download Recipes for Perfect Push Messages.