Reach vibrant new app audiences with Instagram

Instagram’s popularity is not about to slow down any time soon. It’s estimated that it will generate about $600 million in ad revenue this year and overtake some leading ad incumbents by 2017 in the US, notably Google and Twitter.

In addition, Instagram has expanded its advertising service from 8 to more than 30 markets (with plans to expand globally by the end of September) and in doing so it has introduced some exciting new ad formats for app marketers. These changes represent a great opportunity for app advertisers to reach vibrant new audiences and acquire valuable new users. This is why we’re excited to offer Instagram ad attributions in the Localytics Attribution Dashboard.

Instagram is cool, but why advertise there?

Aside from the obvious potential Instagram has to be mobile advertising powerhouse for years to come, perhaps the most attractive element it offers app marketers today is the access it provides to vibrant new audiences. Instagram is hip, cool, and has become the a top mobile destination for young adults and teens in the US.

The breakdown of these users is also music to the ears of many app marketers, as the user base is made up of 83% teens that are in upper-income households.

Just as important as Instagram’s popularity within the US is the platform’s growing presence around the globe. App marketers that choose Instagram as their next ad network do so knowing that 70% of the platform’s 300m users are located outside the US.

In addition expanding to more than 30 ad markets and adding landscape ad formats for photo and video, Instagram is also making a new 30-second length video ad format available, making their video length duration in line with durations used in TV broadcasting.

The photo-sharing network is also debuting a new ad format called “Marquee” which gives brands access to high visibility, single-day campaigns with multiple pieces of creative that allow for broader awareness. With Instagram ad attributions, Localytics customers will be able to take advantage of all of these advertising opportunities, accurately measuring and attributing on the Instagram platform. 

Get started with Instagram Advertising

Now that Instagram’s potential for app marketers is clear let’s look at some of the ways you can get started with Instagram Advertising.

First it is important to determine what you’re trying to achieve with your ad. What is it that you would like your potential target audience to do?

  • Click to a website?

  • View videos?

  • Install the app?

Each of the above goals have varying requirements ranging from the amount of text that can be incorporated to the size and resolution of the images that can be used in the ad. For a full overview of these requirements, please visit the Facebook Ads Guide.

For the purposes of this post let’s assume we want to serve ads on Instagram to increase our app installs.

To begin, select which audience you would like to target. After doing this, a shopping app like Nordstrom can promote it’s holiday sale with captivating brand imagery and use the ‘Install Now’ CTA to nudge users to download the app for a holiday season discount code.

Or, a media app like AMC networks can use Instagram to keep their new show schedule top-of-mind with the target viewer by including a CTA directing fans to an install link.

Images allow brands to resonate more vividly with their audience. By incentivizing ad viewers with a discount reward for downloading the app, marketers can begin to cultivate a deeper relationship with the new app user.

Assess and enhance your app marketing strategy over time

Localytics customers who are serving Instagram ads can assess the impact of their new ad strategy right in their Localytics Attribution Dashboard. If Instagram isn’t yet enabled, you can easily turn it on by checking a box in the Attribution settings page of the Localytics Dashboard.

As the only lifecycle engagement platform that is a Facebook Marketing Partner, Localytics provides Instagram attributions and performance metrics, including acquisition campaign performance, lifetime value, install conversions and cohort-based retention rates -- enabling customers to measure performance well beyond the first download.

Localytics Attribution for Instagram is the way to begin measuring the impact that Instagram has on your app’s user acquisition strategy  -- and we’re excited for you to try it. If you have any additional questions, please contact your Localytics Account Manager or reach out to

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