Reach Your Users Everywhere: Introducing Localytics Remarketing

It’s an open secret – re-engagement is the “next big thing” in mobile marketing.


So it’s no surprise that mobile marketers have been clamoring to leverage the insight of the Localytics platform to reach the people who are using their app   to minimize churn, increase LTV, and drive end-user conversions.

We’re thrilled to announce the open beta of Localytics Remarketing, a new product feature that equips you to reach your app’s end users outside of your app.


Why remarketing?


Our app marketing and analytics platform offers unrivaled insight into end user behavior, as well as super-granular targeting and audience management capabilities. Until now, this targeting was limited to push and in-app messaging campaigns, but we know that app marketing is more extensive than that. 

We want to enable you to use that same flexible targeting to reach users outside your app. Starting today, you can export any audience you create in Localytics to the Facebook Ads Manager as Custom Audiences and leverage the power of Localytics to drive targeted remarketing campaigns on the Facebook platform.



If you’re a gaming app, you can identify active players and reach them on Facebook with discounts on in-app purchases or other exclusive offers.

If you’re an eCommerce app, you can target users who added items to their shopping cart, but didn’t check out, and remind them to complete their purchase (maybe even offer them free shipping).

If you’re a travel app, you can create an audience of users who booked their winter break through your app and reach out to let them know about the hottest summer vacation destinations in 2015.

We’re tremendously excited because we already know that Localytics offers best-in-class segmentation and audience management. Now, you can use your app’s wealth of analytics data to drive smart mobile re-engagement campaigns. 


Best Practices for Killer Remarketing Campaigns


Mobile remarketing is in the early stages of adoption, but best practices are already beginning to emerge. We’ve been fortunate enough to partner with several customers in a pilot of Localytics Remarketing and learn firsthand what works and what doesn't.

From the pilot, we’ve learned that the key to success is tailoring your message to your Audience  ensuring that your ads are relevant, interesting, and timely for your users. Yes, you can use Localytics to create an Audience with everyone who used your app in the past 90 days, but you’ll get dramatically better results if you deliberately target a subset of your users.

Pilot customers who saw the best conversion rates and ROI from remarketing did three things in common:

  1. Leveraged Localytics to specifically identify the right end users for their campaigns

  1. Developed attractive and targeted creatives with a clear call to action

  1. Integrated their remarketing campaign with their product -- with exclusive offers, timely alerts, or some other message that mattered to end users

These aren’t necessarily new practices  they’re the same guidelines we recommend for in-app or push campaigns  but we think they’re just as important for remarketing, too.


What’s Coming Next


We’re launching remarketing in open beta because we’ve heard that re-engagement is a top priority for our customers. Today, we can help you reach your end users on Facebook, the largest mobile ad platform in the world.

In the coming weeks, we plan to iteratively improve our featureset by augmenting our targeting logic, improving our workflows, and adding functionality around campaign measurement on top ad platforms.

If remarketing can drive better business results for your app, log into the Localytics Dashboard, navigate to our new Remarketing page, and request access to our open beta. Give Localytics Remarketing a try, and let us know how you think we should build out this capability by dropping us a note at

We take your feedback incredibly seriously, and we’re excited to help you deliver better results for your business and for your end users.