Real Life Reasons Companies Are Turning To Mobile

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Let's face it, mobile isn't going anywhere. If early iPhone X sales are any indication, people can't get enough of the latest and greatest technology that mobile has to offer. 

None of this should be surprising, considering we spend most of our daily lives hyper-connected with mobile. If you think about a given day, I'm sure you can come up with a plethora of examples where you turn to your phone to help you complete tasks and go about your day. 

We thought it would be cool to turn to our sales team to get the inside scoop on what they're hearing on the frontline from companies investing in mobile. Here's what they had to say: 

Lou Orfanos - Head of Sales & Marketing 

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“Mobile is getting more and more personal. Between facial recognition, location tracking and AI there is no shortage of ways to deliver personalization for consumers.  The inherent risk for brands is that they miscalculate how to leverage these concepts, putting their brand reputation and loyalty at risk.  The best companies are designing holistic experiences that leverage the personal nature of mobile intelligently, and aren’t rushing to try something new simple for a buzz factor.”






Sean Marshall - VP, North American Sales

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“Cell phones are faster, more powerful, and can hold more memory than ever before.  Apps are easy to use for customers and companies are realizing the cost saving benefits of the mobile industry.  Through mobile businesses have the ability to use data driven marketing tactics that can be leveraged in a plethora of ways all offering a highly personal experience for users. The granular data Localytics collects has helped our clients make directional decisions for not only mobile but also their email and social systems.  Mobile users are a finicky group with high risk of churn.  Data has shown over and over again that personalization provided through data collection significantly improves retention rates.  We live in a data driven world and businesses not using analytics with mobile will be left in the dust.”




Tom Beal - Business Development Representative, Sales

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“Mobile is where people’s attention is going to nowadays.  People use their phones constantly throughout the day and companies are following this trend.  More and more companies are going to where the attention of their consumers is and marketing in that platform. Localytics has touched on a need traditional retailers with a mobile presence and mobile first companies both have as they realize the value of analytics in this sphere.  Mobile analytics allow these companies moving into the mobile sphere to better engage with their consumers in a more effective way.”



Matt Virzi - Strategic Account Executive, Sales


“More people have mobile phones than toothbrushes.  Time spent on mobile devices far exceeds time spent on desktop web. It’s no wonder companies are catching on and turning to mobile. Mobile increases the communication channel between the company and the consumer while giving companies the unique ability to really know their users through their activity patterns.  Localytics has had a long history in mobile since it’s app store foundation in 2009 and has successfully built a mobile data set that is capable of capturing an ever growing set of data, like that coming from future devices in the internet of things.  Our product captures a massive amount of data that allows for robust targeting in the mobile space.”




Pat Makridakis - Director of Sales



“Mobile allows companies to communicate directly with users in a more immediate and relevant way on a device their users always have on them. While many companies are turning to mobile some enter the mobile space more successfully than others through personalization. Without an integrated data and engagement approach it’s extremely difficult to target your users and even more difficult to know immediately what is and isn’t working for your company. Mobile, paired with data analytics,  allows companies to create an individualized experience for users that you wouldn’t have using other platforms.”




Connor Gallo - Strategic Account Executive, Sales

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“How many times a day are you on your phone? You probably can’t go over an hour without checking it. Mobile devices are now an immediate, nearly constant presence in people’s lives  and companies are aware of this.  It is no longer a question of whether companies should turn to mobile but now a question of what they’re waiting for. In order to be relevant in today’s market, a mobile presence is necessary and companies lacking this presence will be rendered obsolete.  Investing in analytics tools are a company’s investment in their consumers; you have to know your people.”




Sydney Braithwaite - Team Lead, Enterprise Business Development


"A lot of us (millennials and beyond) carry our phones religiously. It's become an extension of ourselves, where we project who we are and expect intuitive experiences. The mobile industry is an exciting space because of this, because it gives brands we value access to who we really are as individuals. So more than ever it's important for companies to have good data on their users, understand behaviors, predict next moves, and reach out with relevant messaging. A solution like Localytics helps mobile marketers understand their individual users, and perhaps more importantly, how to segment users into relevant groups so they can scale personalized campaigns to reach thousands, even millions of people."




Shameer Zahid - BDR Intern 


“Speaking as a millennial, I can say pretty confidently that my generation cannot survive without their smartphones.  People typically spend upwards of 5 hours a day on their phones so mobile is one of of the best ways to stay relevant to this market.  Localytics helps apps reduce uninstall rates by providing analytics for targeted messaging. I know personally that I don’t want to see random ads for weeks after accidentally clicking something out of intrigue, especially from apps that I don’t use often. The utility of an app is important in the mobile world and the more “annoying” the app is the less useful it is to me. Millennials who share similar thoughts are going to constitute the major part of the spending population around the globe soon, so a company that is already targeting this audience has a leg up in the market.”


Marc Petito - Senior Strategic Account Executive & Team Lead


“Mobile users are the most loyal and engaged consumers out there.  Consumers are spending more time on their phones than any other digital platform. Companies are able to communicate with users in ways not possible through other means.  With the use of geolocation and push notifications businesses can reach their consumers directly and give them immediate, relevant messaging. This targeting creates a better experience overall for users and allows for a better relationship with the brand.  It is vitally important for companies in mobile to know how to engage their users.  Data captured by Localytics allow these companies to know where their users may be dropping off, which things are and aren’t working and how their users are reacting to different methods of targeting.”


Jeff Renaud - Marketing Cloud Sales Manager


“People have phones on them all day. Where you are and where you’ve been is constantly being tracked through your device.  With that knowledge at your fingertips you can better understand what's important to your customers / mobile users.  With this level of granular insight you can generate a better customer experience, and drive incremental revenues.  Localytics is the only mobile analytics software that can track historical behaviors of users and measure the performance of a campaign.  With the metrics we track mobile companies can better drive conversion and increase revenue ultimately driven by this better understanding of their user.”




Is your company ready for the mobile takeover? 

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