New Localytics UI: Real-time Insights at Your Fingertips

Application analytics aren’t just numbers and pretty charts. They represent the heart and soul of an application: the users. Localytics’ mission is to help mobile app publishers understand these vitally important users and make more effective business decisions. To this end, Localytics launched a brand new user interface.

Let’s take a short tour.


Real-time Application Analytics

We know premium app publishers want and expect real-time information, which is why we provide a countdown clock in our new UI telling you when the page will refresh with the most current analytic data. As in the previous UI, you can view most reports broken down by hour. This day-part analysis provides unique insight into users’ usage patterns.

Real-time app analytics chart


Deepest Application Insights

Localytics knows the devil is in the details, especially when it comes to mobile apps. Aggregated data tell only part of the story at best and, at worst, can be misleading. Going beyond just the numbers, our new UI provides more computed metrics and trend analysis. Localytics’ commitment to providing actionable information is also reinforced through customizable reports and dynamic segmentation analysis--which can be save to My Reports and shared with others inside your organization. Additionally, report data can be easily exported to Excel and Enterprise customers have access to full, session-level exports. All of these tools are aimed at one goal: creating the deepest insights to assist with key business decisions.

Localytics app analytics trending report


Easy to Use, Even On iPad

A mobile app analytics service must present complex information in an easy to consume and easy to use format. Localytics’ new user interface is designed with this simple truth in mind. All charts in the new UI are interactive and easily manipulated. Charts can be drilled into by highlighting a chart range with a click and drag. Key data points are displayed by mousing over charts. The new UI is powered by HTML5, which is both more efficient than Adobe Flash and can be viewed on the iPad and iPhone.

Interactive app analytics report

We hope you’re as excited about our new interface as we are! More improvements and features are on the way soon, and we appreciate any and all feedback.