Runkeeper’s Mobile-First CRM



A look at how Localytics enhances the modern customer data warehouse.

Runkeeper is among the largest fitness tracking apps in the world, with a community of over 45 million runners.

In the past three years, their internal customer data warehouse has gone from a system for logging app sessions and events, to supporting a sophisticated multi-channel view of each customer -- from app behavioral data, to support case statuses, to Shopify and other third-party data.

The outcome is a modern, mobile-first CRM, which indexes over 200+ attributes for each and every one of Runkeeper’s users and enables their team to prioritize and accelerate critical product and marketing efforts:

  • Runkeeper’s marketing team now has the ability to segment and target communications, including email and push, to their users based on information collected from numerous channels;
  • Runkeeper’s product team now has the ability to answer questions about who their users are, what they do, and what they care about at different stages along the customer journey.

Nevertheless, Runkeeper’s core competency remains in providing an amazing experience for runners around the world. Their success in developing a world-class mobile marketing practice has resulted from them leveraging Localytics to:

  • Personalize push and in-app communications by segmenting audiences on rich, high-resolution app behavioral data collected by Localytics’ SDKs
  • Save time, money, and opportunity by automatically syncing data from their warehouse to Localytics instead of having to manually query for customer lists and upload them into a separate push delivery system
  • Scaling one-off campaigns into ongoing, evergreen journeys that automatically qualify and update the status of users as they interact with messages
  • Test, measure, and optimize the copy and creatives of push and in-app campaigns using Localytics A/B testing, control groups and lift analysis.

“Runkeeper has been in mobile since the launch of the App Store; our team has nearly a decade of expertise in mobile data. Nevertheless, relying on Localytics' has afforded us the opportunity to focus on our core competency: building unique, delightful mobile experiences for our runners.”

--Margaret McKenna

VP Platforms @Runkeeper