Samsung Remains King of the Android Market with 65% Share of all Android Devices

Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently most popular Android model with 15% share

One of the biggest announcements from Mobile World Congress this past week was the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. Samsung, the most popular manufacturer of Android smartphones, launched its latest flagship phone on February 24.

As expected, Samsung remains the dominant player in the Android market with a 65% share of all Android devices. Given the highly fragmented world of Android devices, Samsung’s two-thirds market share is impressive.

Global Android Share 27.02.14


Galaxy S Series makes up almost half of Samsung market share

A large portion of this market share stems directly from Samsung’s wildly successful Galaxy S Series of smartphones. The Galaxy S Series is considered Samsung’s primary flagship smartphone, with sales totaling more than 160 million units.

Samsung has released a new iteration of its Galaxy S Series each year since 2010. Almost half of Samsung’s total 65% market share of Android devices is purely devoted to the popular Galaxy S Series. The most popular model currently in the Galaxy S Series is not the most recent S4, but the S3, which holds a 15% share of all Android devices. The S4 may not have performed as well as its predecessor due to increasing competition in the smartphone market, as well as customers not seeing the need to upgrade to the latest Galaxy model.


Historical data indicates the Samsung Galaxy S5 is poised to capture market share

With the recent Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement, it will be interesting to see if this smartphone will capture the same market share as its predecessors. Along with its new fitness features, a heart-rate monitor and pedometer, other S5 improvements are incremental such as an improved camera and fingerprint sensor.

Based on historical Galaxy S data, however, the S5 will need only a few months to gain a sizable percentage of the total Android market share. If it succeeds, this would be a testament to the popularity of Samsung’s flagship phone and its ability to hold a dominant market share in the fragmented Android market.

Device Share of Samsung S Series 27.02.14


Shifting balance between the Galaxy S Series smartphones likely

Despite the S4 Series only being released in mid-2013, it has captured a sizable 10% share of the Android market. With the soon-to-be-released S5, it will be interesting to see if this smartphone follows the same pattern as the S4. Most likely, the S3 share will decrease at the expense of the S5 since the S3 series is more than 2 years old.

In the short-term, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 smartphones will likely retain their dominance as the two most popular devices in the Android market. However, in the long-term, with the fitness-themed Galaxy S5 release scheduled for availability starting in April, there is no reason to think that the S5 won’t be another massive success for Samsung.



Localytics is the leading analytics and marketing platform for mobile and web apps across more than 1.4 billion devices, 20,000 apps and 5,000 customers. Localytics processes 50 billion data points monthly. For this report, we looked at all Android devices in February 2014, as well as the breakdown in each quarter time from 2011 to 2014.