Smart Marketing in 2015: Enhanced Targeting with Localytics Audiences

We’re excited to kick-off 2015 with a series of updates that support Localytics’ vision of smart, analytics-driven marketing. We’ll be announcing each update right here on our product blog. Subscribe for the latest information, and check back for new posts in our Smart Marketing in 2015 series.

At Localytics, we believe that smart marketing demands powerful analytics.

Last year, we discovered that targeted push messaging campaigns achieved nearly double the click-rates and triple the conversion rates versus push messaging campaigns broadcast to all users. The lesson for marketers was clear: better targeting = better marketing.

When you visit your Localytics Dashboard today, you’ll notice a new Audiences page and new targeting UI in the Campaign Builder. We built Audiences to broaden the number of targeting scenarios at your fingertips, and make campaign creation an easier, more intuitive experience.

Enhanced Targeting Capabilities

Audiences combine the core functionality of Segments and Custom Filters into one powerful tool with even more targeting functionality. You’ll notice features previously in Custom Filters, including the ability to specify a specific number or range for each behavioral condition (e.g. Did “Event” at least X times in the past Y days). You’ll also find features previously only accessible through Segments, such as the ability to combine multiple behavioral conditions.

Target users on up to two behavioral conditions (sessions, events, attributes) and unlimited profile conditions, linked by “And”/”And Then”/”Or” logic.




Choose to target users based on behavior on each individual device, or across all their devices. Individual device targeting sends a message to all of a user’s devices that meet the targeting conditions, while cross-device targeting looks at a user’s behavior across all their devices and targets the user once, on their last used device. Cross-device targeting is required for Profiles Campaigns.

To illustrate, say you are targeting a new push campaign to people who have read at least three articles. If you target each individual device, Localytics will find and send a message to each device on which three or more articles have been read. If you target across a user's devices, Localytics will find a person who read three articles - this could mean they read one article on their iPhone and two articles on their iPad - and send them one message on the device they last opened the app.




Save and Manage Audiences

Each Audience you create can be saved to our a new Audiences screen. On this screen you can view and manage all Audiences you’ve previously targeted, and easily reuse Audiences for targeting future campaigns.


What’s next in Smart Marketing?

Audiences is our the first launch of the Smart Marketing in 2015 series. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be launching features that expand your targeting capabilities even further. Subscribe to the product blog for the latest updates.