Smart Marketing in 2015: Take Charge of Marketing Personalization with Auto-Profiles

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We are in the age of the consumer. This is why we’ve created Auto-Profiles - to help you use customer data to communicate in a way that is more relevant, compelling, and engaging. Building an app experience that your customers will respond to is just one part of suceeding in today’s mobile landscape - you also have to market to your customers in a smarter way.

How are you Personalizing your Marketing Efforts?

People today expect technology to be personal. One of the most intimate pieces of technology is the app on someone’s mobile device. The app creates a channel you can access to influence your customers’ thoughts and behaviors. As the value and utility of mobile devices and apps have increased over the last few years and will continue to increase, your business must find a way to make the customer app experience that much more valuable.


There are many ways to create and run app marketing campaigns, but where do you start? What are you doing to deliver the personal experience that your customers demand?


Personalize your App Experience with Custom Profiles and Auto-Profiles

A few months ago we announced the release of Localytics Profiles, a new product that allows you to share and send valuable information about your customers from inside and outside the app. The advantage of sending this custom profile information to Localytics means you can store key customer information in one place and use that data to create targeted marketing campaigns from the same place.

We’re now making it easier for you to improve the type and level of marketing campaigns that you run with the release of Auto-Profiles. Auto-Profiles are out of the box profiles created from basic information in your app. Run marketing campaigns based on the last country someone launched your app, the first session date with your app, the number of seconds since her last session, or target someone based on any custom dimension in your app.

(Note: Localytics creates an Auto-Profile for every custom dimension in your app). View a complete list of Auto-Profiles here.


The Right Message at the Right Moment

We understand that communicating with your customers with the right message at the right moment is critical to app engagement. That’s why Auto-Profiles can be used immediately for marketing once you've updated SDK to version 2.7.1 or greater. There are many ways to use Auto-Profiles. For example:

  • Using Last App Version, encourage people to upgrade to your latest app version so they can take advantage of new features and functionality.

  • Using Last OS Version, reach people who haven’t yet updated to the newest iOS and entice them to upgrade so that they can access new levels or game features.

  • Using User Type Anonymous, send an in-app message about the benefits of logging into your app. This allows you to capture known user data, and it helps your customers have a more personal experience with your app, such as tracking data about their eating habits or shopping habits.

  • Using Push Enabled (Disabled), encourage people to enable push notifications from your app by assuring them that they will only receive relevant messages from you and that enabling push allows you to send them special discounts or offers.

Take it a step further by mixing and matching your Auto-Profiles with your Custom Profiles. Any profile information you've sent to Localytics (your Custom Profiles) can be combined with Auto-Profiles. This is your oppotunity to get really granular and take your app marketing to the next level.



  • Reach people who added a favorite place and have had a session within your app between 1/1/2015 and 1/5/2015, in addition to having push enabled (i.e. they’ve elected to hear from you). Send a message about how the action they took in your app has qualified them for special news alerts or news articles related to their favorite place - then link them to that piece of content. 

  • Send a timely message to people on 1/27/2015 who last added an item to their cart on 1/26/2015 but haven’t yet made a purchase, and 3 hours have gone by since their last session. Encourage them to purchase the item that they left in their cart with a free shipping offer or 20% discount, or just let them know that the item they’ve placed in their cart will be removed in the next 3 hours if they don’t purchase it (depending on your cart expiration limit).

  • You have the goal of getting 50% of all customers using your latest app version within 3 weeks. Drive adoption by offering your in-store loyalty card holders a special $5 e-gift card when they update your app to the latest version.


What’s Next for Localytics App Marketing?

We are building even more app marketing capabilities over the coming weeks and months, and we’re building them fast. Subscribe to the product blog to learn about the latest new features and functionality.

Note: Using Auto-Profiles to create targeted marketing campaigns does require you to be a Localytics Marketing customer. If you’re not yet a Localytics Marketing customer, now’s your chance to take advantage of the great features we’ve built and continue to build, to help our customers achieve app marketing personalization.
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